Number of Oromo killed under Abiy Ahamed’s regime


Number of Oromo killed under Abiy Ahamed’s reign of terror:
1. During protests, 3452 killed and 3074 injured and 2910 became handicap for life
2. Taken away from prisons and killed, 279
3. Leaders of Qeerroo, killed, 97
4. Alleged supporters of OLF and killed, 6123

In all, in the past 3 years of Abiy Ahmed’s regime, 9890 Oromo got killed. This genocide surpasses that of TPLF in 27 years.

Ilmaan Oromoo bara Bulchinsa Abiyyi Ahmed jalatti #Ajjeefaman hanga ammatti:
1. Hiriira nagayaa irratti kan Ajjeefaman 3452 kan Madaa’an 3074, kan Qaamni isaanii hir’ate 2910
2. Mana hidhaa irraa baafamanii dhoksaan kan Ajjeefaman 279
3. Hoggantoota Qeerrooti jedhamuun kan Ajjeefaman 97
4. Deeggartoota Shaneeti jedhamuun kan Ajjeefaman 6123.
Walumaa galatti turtii bulchinsa Abiyyi Ahmad kan #Waggaa 3 keessatti lakkoofsi ilmaan Oromoo Ajjeefamanii 9890gahee jira. Abiyyi Waggaa 3 qofa keessatti Rikardii wayyaanee kan waggaa 27 cabseera.

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