ODP’s fear of losing a free and fair election to the OLF is displacing and killing Oromo, a reminder of 1991/92

ODP’s fear of losing a free and fair election to the OLF is displacing and killing Oromo, a reminder of 1991/92

By Aba Orma, PhD, December 30, 2018

Thousands gathered in the capital Addis Ababa ahead of the arrival of rebel group OLF from Eritrean bases on September 15, 2018

OLF is the spirits of the martyred and the living Oromo

In a democratic system that relies on the basic principle of government of the people by the people, election is everything as it determines policies, directions, and peace and war of a nation. In Ethiopia, election is also a way the new comer prosecutes (punishes) the outgoing. For fear prosecution, every election in Ethiopia is corrupt because the one in power wants to hold onto power for as long as possible even if it means killing people, and destroying a community and a nation until it is forced out of office. The current EPRDF government of Ethiopia led by Dr. Abiy is no different.

A question every Oromo and open minded people should ask is why the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) is constantly under attack by Amhara elites, Tigray elites, and some Oromo elites? Especially by OPDO now.

What do we know:

Amhara Nefxeenyas: The obvious ones are the Nefxeenyas and their associates whose main fear of the Oromo Liberation Front is it challenges their economic, cultural, and social dominance for more than a century. Their alliance with anyone against the Oromo Liberation Front does not come as surprise. It has been their dream to permanently ban the OLF. But little they know that Qeerroo will rule the Oromo politics for the rest of the century with or without the OLF. It seems that for now they found perfect partners in Dr. Abiy and Lemma to do their bidding.

The OPDO: The Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization is made by TPLF for one and only one purpose and that is to be used as foil to the OLF and remotely control the Oromo people. In this mission the OPDO assisted and abated with the enemy in the last 28 years and owns the misery, disappearances, killings, and displacement visited upon the Oromo people. In his speech recently, the PM admitted that he was in Wallaga in his early political carried as a 16 and 17 years old. Ask yourself what was he doing there? Teaching Oromo farmers how to farm better or spying them and handing over to his masters in Finfinnee that latter earned him promotion and the trust of Getachew Assafa in the spy agency with his buddy Lemma Megersa. One only wonders how many Oromo has he given up to get such prestigious post. Today, every OPDO has similar stories and Oromo blood hanging over their head. Therefore losing election to the OLF means accountability for their crimes and there is nothing to gain from OLF’s win and must be stopped at any expenses. As a result a war is declared on the Oromo people and already claiming the lives of hundreds and displacing thousands!   One wonders whether the recent name calling of the Oromo in West Oromia is a calculated move to cover past crimes and an effort to preemptively attack any testimony that might come from the people there.

The ODF and ABO-X’s: These are groups that at different times splinted from the OLF for ideological difference (very few) and mostly personal conflict with the Organization. For example, Leencoo Lata still holds grunges against the OLF and Dawud for disciplinary measures that dismissed him from the Organization. Since then he tried several avenues to revenge that and finally it looks like he found Dr. Abiy and Lemma for his proxy war against the Oromo people and the OLF. The rest of the splinters are splinted from Leencoo Lata’s original splinter. They have no political agenda of their own except blame and complain about the OLF as their political agenda and besides, Leencoo Lata is the patriarch of all of these groups. So looking into Leencoo Lata is enough to understand them. A political agenda drawn from personal vendetta.

OLF is victim of own success: The Oromo Liberation Front is one of the oldest Liberation Fronts that is struggling on behalf of the Oromo people, the most populous population in the Ethiopian Empire and the second largest in Africa. During this time it has achieved and laid the foundation for a nation, the Oromo nation with a long way to go. After it has been pushed out of the transitional government of TPLF-EPRDF and losing the majority of its leadership in the hands of TPLF-OPDO, the current OLF (commonly referred to as ABO Shanee – Shanee means central committee in Oromifa) rebuilt the organization and transformed the Organization to mass based organization by participating the wider Oromo society at every level. It destroyed enemy’s oppressive structure and replaced it by its own underground structure, organized the Oromo youth to demand their right in a peaceful struggle which is now famously known as Qeerroo/Qarree movement, and couples that with armed resistance to the regime in Oromo Liberating Army (WBO in Oromifaa). Even those who opposes the OLF know this well but don’t admit it. Instead they try to disassociate the organization from this towering achievements and claim the success as their own. When the world knows that they are fortunate to be Oromo and in the collision. This is like Dr. Abiy saying that I was elected the PM because I am better than Lemma when we know that even if Lemma displayed poise and calm worth of the PM and everyone was calling for Lemma to be the interim PM, since he was not member of the parliament and cannot be elected, we have Dr. Abiy.

Finally, the Oromo people’s struggle to put an end to an oppression that spans over centuries never had friends or support from the outside. It is organically built and supported by the Oromo people. This will continue until the Oromo people hold the levers of power genuinely. As some would like to say, the same people who have been cheering when the OPDO was helping the TPLF, that the current government is an Oromo government. This by itself shows their political naiveté for reasons I don’t want to mention.

Whether you are an Oromo or not, stop for a moment and rewind what happened in the last three to four years in the politics of the Horn of Africa. It is fascinating to think of the TPLF-EPRDF regime gets kicked in the groin and still hold to power in Ethiopia. Yes, Dr. Abiy and Lemma are reform minded and promised to lead the country during this transition period. Yes, they made a significant changes from the TPLF dominated EPRDF to theirs. But in recent days we are seeing a disturbing signs. At the core of it is using state apparatus and the army to advance their political agenda and waging war on the OLF (and Oromo people) that they deemed as a challenger. We have seen this movies before and know where it is heading. We will watch the rest of the movies together as it rolls! If anyone think that violence brings stability and peace to the country, they are in for a rude wakening. Killing people will never bring lasting peace.

Finally, every Oromo should ask him/herself that do I stand by and allow the government to kill and displace Oromo using the same army that have been raping, killing, and committing genocide against the Oromo people for the last 28 years. Do really Dr. Abiy and Lemma have their people’s interest at heart? If so why they stood by as close to 2 million Oromo are displaced and thousands are killed by neighboring states? What is important, having Oromo head of state or changing the system that enslaved the Oromo people for the last 100 years and salivating to come back? No one is asking for the neck of Dr Abiy and Lemma contrary to what is alleged sadly, the question is the Oromo struggle is not to mend and save the old oppressive empire, instead to build a new country in which we all see ourselves as equal citizens and have a say on our affair, having the right to form our own government be at local level or national level that looks out for our interest. It is upon every Oromo to hold hands together once again and tell our leaders NOT AGAIN. STOP THE WAR! NO MORE WAR. LEAVE BY YOUR WORDS!

Horaa Bulaa!


  1. I still want you to change your name to “Abbaa Oromoo.” Aba Orma doest not reflect your character and your motives. A well-articulated article. Please translate and post it for your Oromo readers also.


  2. OLF should officially inform OPDO officials that OLF liberated Oromos from TPLF not vice versa as they claim.OLF wad offered housing by them it didn’t materialize, on the contrary Oromos are being displaced. Currently Lemma , Abiy and “team” are spreading a rumor saying they themselves brought the change which is totally false, they keep saying we fought a cold war in the inside with TPLF and won, discrediting what OLF did. Compared to OLF what their team did to fight TPLF is very small it is not even worth mentioning, that is why they don’t give details about their intense inside cold war they fought against TPLF since it didn’t happen.

  3. “Victory has many parents, defeat none ” they say. Even Mr. Lenco Lata who once, at the height of Oromo Movement spear headed by Qerroo said humbly that he was sorry for not being part of the struggle but could’t help but I admire the struggle waged at home now seems to claim otherwise. What is more saddening is him playing the devils advocate now sitting at the other side of the table visa-a-vis the early 1990th.

    On the other hand what did Lamma do for people of Oromia since Abiy ascension to power? He promised that he would have done so much for Oromia had it not been due to the interference of Federal Authorities in Oromia’s affairs. That was then, before OPDO became the EPRDF leader. What did he do since then, now that the power is supposedly on their hand. None!. As a matter of fact, he stopped making effort he used to make before that so called ‘new leadership’. The problem that people of Oromia face only grew and amplified. Did people of Oromia stop giving him support? No. Did he make national call for reconstruction and re-rehabilitation of war-ravaged Oromia? No, none. Think about what TPLF did after they got to the helm of power in 1991. They made every effort to re-build Tigray. I am not call for them to follow TPLF example, far from it. Let alone rebuilding Oromia, the ODP leadership is adding salt to the wound of Oromia people. They are waging another war of destruction on Oromia. This is the reality. Can any human being do to his people? I don’t think so. For ODP what matter to them is state power. After all, we forgot that they are kids raised by TPLF mind-set. TPLF would give you anything you ask but no political power. That is non-negotiable. What is more alarming now is a another group, worse than TPLF is positioning itself to be in charge. If that happens, you would not even have the right to exercise your culture, let alone have self rule under Oromia regional government. The other elements, the ‘old guards’ are playing by the TPLF playbook. TPLF is going to eventually regret, they are going to come after them sooner or later. Remember Ethio-Eritirean war? Everyone who thought that they found the right time to revenge on Eritirea because of the lost cause added fire to the fuel siding with TPLF hoping that TPLF would later accommodate them although TPLF was more foxy than they thought. The same thing is bound to happen in Oromia, there are so many who are eager to gang-up on destruction of Oromia. When the so called ex-OLFites become part of it, this is unfortunately history will never forgive them. If Lamma Magarsa is what he portrait himself to be, he should stand up now and show his statesmanship, make national call to duty and stand ready to solve Oromia’s crisis.

  4. I fully support your thoughts and a well presented writing, having said that my issues is with the cause of the current fighting between the two Oromo brothers. First of all why both sides do not openly present what kind of agreement the y have? Let them put it out clearly for the people and let all of understand who is at fault. I mean if the OPDO folks can’t keep their promises (what every they promised) they shouldn’t invite the OLF folks, it goes the same to OLF they din’t marched to finifine with win, they landed at Bole airport by agreement, if they didn’t like the proposed invitation they should have stayed in Asmara and keep fighting. Again if you the author these article or anybody else please put out the agreement and let all of us see it have a discussion. Please both sides come to your sense stop the fighting and get to the table.

  5. What astonishes me is the unchanged and outdated view of some promo scholars, like this writer. Is Amhara economically dominant? Was Olf chased out in 1991 by Amhara or tplf? Was it leveled a terrorist by Amhara or tplf? He said Amhara is against olf because it is afraid of olf, what an ignorance. Why didn’t you think that Amhara can live independently?

  6. Yitie TRUTH heart! I know. The author said OLF is the symbol of Oromo Nationalism and there is nothing the Amhara elites fear more than Oromo Nationalism for obious reason. And the OLF is the symbol and father of Oromo Nationalism. The irony is the same OLF and the Oromo people librated the peoples of Ethiopia including Amhara from the fascist TPLF regime. As history tells once again they want to hang the liberator! Absured.

  7. As the TPLF had no other options but leave resign or handle the power to others under the pressures of the Oromo Qerros and resolutions both of the EU and the USA. So the TPLF made this clever plan of handing over the power to the Oromos as only a cover and temporary relief from all the above pressures. Therefore the present regime of Dr. Abiyi Ahmed remains in the boots of the TPLF. As such I am still in doubt if the real and central power is in the hands of the PM of Ethiopia. My personal opinion is that the Ghost TPLF is still in charge and control of the general forces of Ethiopia. PM Abiyi Ahmed is either in secret agreement with the TPLF which I hope be excluded or is under unprecedented and undefined pressures to levels of being blackmailed by the same TPLF Ghost. The TPLF is still behind all these killings displacement and murders while on top the New image of Dr. Abiyi is a good cover, with a new style of perfect PROPAGANDA.

  8. No changes come from EPRDF ,it’s even things becoming harder than ever before..as killing and abduction as looting begun at these time ,what will happen once all those committed crimes against humanity in the last 30 going to do
    Only OPDO and somali regional state leaders killed their own people and encouraged tplf ito rape and loot.
    Particularly,the OPDO is responsible for the loss of lives of more 100,000 in Oromia regional state. and in every where mass graves always found even in the in teir house TPLF and opdo
    These people should have removed completely and be brought to justice.
    So,if the criminal just come over night and said from now on we changed and be part of you.whereby on the ground the slaughter,looting ,raping and eviction of Oromos from their ancestral lads continue ,the OPDO has not in ways of reform but it keeps on lying ,before it was under tplf commands
    now the opdo iss a partner of Amahara only government of apartheid and genocide sytem So,its change from Tigray TPLF goernent to AAmhara government put puppets to fool Oromo people and others

  9. A wonderful piece. Many thanks . The Oromo people knows it’s vis and destinations. No one can fool the public. Peace and freedom is a gift of nature and no one can stop the people from achieving this. Yes, some can be fooled for a time being but not for ever. People soon starting marching towards its freedom and liberty, with or without OLF.

  10. “Ka Wandaqnni hojjeetetti Giftiin Kora bulfatti.“Kan qabsaa`on ABO ittiwaregamanii ilmaan Oromoo qaqaaliiwan lubbuu ittidhabanii asiin gahan OPDOn qabsoo kessa gochaa turre as baaneen waan hinliqiimfamneedha.Facts speaking loudly from the ground. Otoo kana ta`emoo silaa hardha ABOn mogaattii dhibamee hidhaafii dararaa haraaf hinsaxiilamu turee. “Amalli qarreen namaqabe heruuman nam hingadhiisu.“jedha Oromoon.Silaa Obbolootan sanii walttii qabanii tokkumuun gaaffi Oromoo debiisu malee falaa dhaabachuun eboo garagalfatanii hiin waraanan turee.Ayyaan laalatummaan kan egachaa turanitu,hardha hunduu yeroo keneefi mee hin ilaala jenaan amala isaanii baratan sana qariifaa naachaa gadii baafachuun warra isaan gudiifateef umatakenya haaloo ba`a jiru malee kaayyoo qabsoo Oromoo xumura aragamisuufii mitti.Harkkiisaanii dhiga,kesiisaanii dina,yadniisaanii diga Oromummaafii tokkummaatti.Ergamniifii Kayyoon saaniis kana.waa`e kanaa dhiifnee hawaasnii kenya gara tokkumaafii ejjanno hindadaaqamnee akkattii gonfatuufii shira jiru saaxiluun ifa baasuun muldhiisudha.
    Gochiisaanii innii kaleesa irra darbinees ta`e kankeesa jirrus kan bor ittii demaa jirrus tokichuma waanta`ef.Dhaaba maqaa sabaatiin debi`e sabarrattii qabsa`u Dhaaba kana malee hin agarree.“Ilmolee jaldeesaa otuma jetttu mataan gara bowwaa.“jedha Oromoon.Kan jiran Oromoof Oromiiyaa kesa garu hardhayyu gamojii Dadabiit kesaa hiin baane.

    Qabsoo haqa qabeesa Oromoof Rabbi humna haakeenu!!!

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