ODUU Hatattama wbon humna addaa Amanu’eel Ajese Qabu

ODUU Hatattama wbon humna addaa Amanu’eel Ajese Qabu fi TPLF Naannoo afaar qabachu |Moha Oromo

Amanuel Killer

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  1. Dear compatriots!
    I’m an ardent supporter of WBO and believes in our anti-colonial armed struggle as the only viable way leading to our freedom. And as such urge everyone not to post pictures or photographs which might compromise WBO’s international image the slightest. While I’m happy to hear or see the capture of an evil enemy soldier, posting the picture pointing gun at any prisoner of war is not helpful at all. Therefore, please remove that photo from your web-page and refrain from posting any photo that compromised WBO’s international standing. Victory to WBO!

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