Oduu Injjifannoo Guyyaa Har,aa Gootichi Waraani Bilisumma Oromoo

Oduu Injjifannoo Guyyaa Har,aa Gootichi Waraani Bilisumma Oromoo

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  1. I am sure being an Eritrean and running to be elected as a top government official is against the law of Ethiopia. Eritreans in USA are known to be commiting many crimes because Eritrea for a long time had been known not to accept it’s citizens that USA deports many had led criminal lifestyle for decades making jails and prisons their second homes. The Eritreans government was asking for USA government to pay hundreds of thousands dollars per person if Eritrea is expected to accept the deportees.

    It was my understanding that Dr. Chairman Berhanu Nega is still an Eritrean citizen eligible for deportation anytime EPRDF feels like deporting him out of Ethiopia to Eritrea,so Berhanu might do what EPRDF asks him to do since EPRDF can deport him out of Ethiopia anytime.It might be one day before election when EPRDF decides to deport him for infiltrating the political party and trying to be Ethiopian government while being a foreigner. It is illegal for the party to bring an Eritrean
    chairman leading the political party. Abiy invited Ginbot7 , OLF as a whole to put down arms and enter Ethiopia , but that don’t legally entitle for an Eritrean to form a different party and run for an election in Ethiopia and Bethany Neha did. Even the electoral board can get serious charges against it for allowing foreigners form a political party. It is a matter of national security for a sovereignty of Ethiopia. The party itself with it’s all leaders can get disqualified from running for an election ever again because Berhanu is a foreigner . I don’t know even if when Berhanu becomes a naturalized Ethiopian if he can legally hold the PM office.

    Once deported always deported.

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