OLA is cleaning up Oromia from Abiy Soldiers

OLA is cleaning up Oromia from Abiy Soldiers

The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) has started a big campaign for the next two months to clean up Prosperity, Shabiya and Amhara special forces out of Oromia. According to the press release, today, the freedom army has called on the OLA  to remove any Prosperity Party agents and fight to smoke out Abiy and Shimelis’ soldiers.
Just to describe the WBO activity in the last three days:
– Friday July 2, 2021
👉 West Wollega Mene Cibu, Kobera became liberated area!
👉 Eastern Wollega, Sasiga Woreda, Gara Wata took a big victory.
– Saturday July 3, 2021
👉 More than 80 of Abiy’s soldiers were wounded by the attack of  OLA in East Wollega Haro Limu Woreda.
👉 Eastern Wollega Nunu Kumba Woreda, more than 18 soldiers were killed in the attack called Abra Shenen Gobe. More than 96 Klashinkov guns were taken during this war.
– Sunday July 4, 2021
👉 More than 48 soldiers died in the attack in west Wollega, Gimbi Woreda, 4 were wounded and captured in this video! In the war more than 50 Klash became an income of the struggle.
👉 In west Wollega, Qiltu Kara district, Talama Dembi area, 7 soldiers died and 4 injured!
Victory for the wide people ✊✌

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