OLF and Ethiopia

OLF and Ethiopia

By Habte Dafa, September 21, 2018

OLF and Ethiopian Government Sign Peace Agreement in Eritrean Capital on August 7,2018

It is often contentious and controversial when one intentionally irritates the innocent patrons of the Nation only to satisfy their dormant and stagnant paradigm of bigotry.  That is the old EPRP and the new (in name) Ginbot 7.  On the other hand, OLF is/was for independence of the Nation of Oromia from subjugation, colonialism and illegal occupation by the colonialists. Then, the Qeerro/Qubee generation of the Nation of Oromia succeeded to free not only the Nation of Oromia, but the whole Ethiopian people as well. So why these Abys groups can’t accept and plan how to move the country forward together as opposed to digging the old wounds? They kept igniting fires against the innocent people in the fake name of the Ethiopian unity.  But they failed to appreciate unity as a basic model for serving in the best interest of all.  They chocked the archetype of Unity to death to serve only their own interest.  That made that old Ethiopian unity unacceptable for all other Nations and Nationalities in the past colonial Ethiopia.

As for the Oromo Nationalists, yes, we were divided at several stages, thinking our own narrow away or the high way. But the eventual unity of the Oromo people was designed not now, but by the far thinkers and movers of the Oromo Nation’s learned social philosophers. With the reclaiming of Afaan Oromo into its full capacity at the international linguistic standard, the Oromo people proved its distinctive identity as an irrefutable Nation. This gave rise and nourishment and growth further for the Qeerroo/Qubee generation to carry the freedom torch to its visualized finale, which is not yet achieved, but pending positively.  On the other hand, these old Abyssinian groups impregnated and soaked with their old colonial mantras, are driven insane by the likelihood success of the peoples’ demands.  They plan and counter plan divisive reactionary activities to pour down terror on the innocent people of the country.  As for the Oromo Nation’s activists and supporters of the freedom journey, these conflict-ridden undertakings of these die-hard losers Abyssinian unites and cements more all the peace-loving nations and Nationalities of the country – Ethiopia.

Long live freedom of Oromia and Ethiopia people.


1 thought on “OLF and Ethiopia

  1. Baga jiraatte Habtee.
    amma bara 40 taha erga pamfeletii ii fi SR barreesitan ani
    bakka barbaachisu geessee hiruu ture..
    Yaad aOromo kan DrEjjetaa Fayisaa irraa dhaalamee wareega baay’es kafalle.
    Baga as geenya ,akka gaafasii fi amma wal bra qbnee madaalllu akka waan
    har’a xiqqo booda bilisoomnuu fakkaata miti ree.
    Umrii dheeradhaa nuuf jiradhu.

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