OLF Press Release on the Mobilization of Peoples of Ethiopia into Senseless War

OLF Press Release on the Mobilization of Peoples of Ethiopia into Senseless War

OLF Press Release – November 3, 2021

OLFIt is distressing to see the Ethiopian peoples in general and the Oromo people, in particular, are unwillingly trapped into endless war and conflicts for more than a century. Since the formation of the Ethiopian empire, the country remained the home of internal conflicts. In these vicious circles of conflicts, the majority of Ethiopian peoples were victims of war for more than a century-long. Particularly the Oromia people, which is a peace-loving society, having a deep-rooted tradition of solving any sort of conflicts peacefully, had been the most victimized society under the endless war of the Ethiopian ruling system. The selfish nature of consecutive dictators of the Ethiopian ruling regimes, who mostly come to power by the armed military force, had plunged the Oromia citizens and other Ethiopians into war and conflicts from generation to generation. This Authoritarian type of political system packed with elements of dictatorial regimes had put the Ethiopian peoples into continuous war and conflict and left the country without a shred of civilization and economic development.

The Oromo people had been persistently resisting this conflict-driven ruling system for more than a century. Particularly since the OLF started consolidating the Oromo national struggle for self-determination 50 years ago, huge sacrifices had been made to change the dictatorial and conflict-driven system into democratic governance. In this journey, the Oromia citizens, particularly the Oromo youth, have paid heavy sacrifices to change the empire system into peaceful and democratic governance.

However, the consecutive Ethiopian regimes, particularly the current Prosperity Party have chosen the war line and continued reproducing conflicts after conflicts and trapping the Ethiopian peoples in endless war. OLF denounces this repeated extension of war. In this regard, the OLF seriously denounces the recent call of the Oromia Regional Government (aka Oromia Prosperity Party) to intensify the war against opposition groups. This last-minute call of ‘every able body to fight’ has no contribution to the peace and security of the country but is designed to keep the Prosperity Party officials in power at the expense of human lives. The OLF believes that sending innocent youngsters to the senseless war is committing crimes against this generation. We strongly denounce this generational crime and believe the mobilization of civilians for this dangerous war has no positive outcome but will be an additional loss of people’s lives and destruction of the country’s resources.

We would strongly advise the citizens of Oromia to reject the recent call- to- fight issued by Oromia Regional Government and instead ask the Oromia citizens to focus on building their regional governance and defending their regional territory. In this regard, we call the Oromia citizen to strengthen their regional governance and solidify the structure of the Oromia National Regional State Transitional Government and protect themselves. Every citizen of Oromia must clearly understand that the widespread conflicts orchestrated by the PP ruling group may engulf into Oromia regional state whereby the defenders must be only the Oromia citizens and its armed forces, nobody else. We also call upon the Oromia citizens to maintain and strengthen peaceful co-existence with their neighboring regions and peoples.

The OLF wants to use this opportunity to remind the TPLF and its force TDF to respect the sovereignty of the Oromo People and refrain itself not to entering into Oromia territory militarily. We hope the reason for our reminder will be understood.

We would like to advise the Ethiopian peoples to denounce any call that intensifies conflicts among peoples and instead focus your attention on a peaceful way of reestablishing Federal Republic Governance involving multi-nation societies and working together for peace and stability and organizing free and fair elections that reflect the long aspirations of Ethiopian peoples.

We urge the international communities to step up for seeking genuine and all involving peaceful solutions to multifaceted crises in Ethiopia and pressure all the stakeholders for peace and security and establish a transitional system that paves the way for all-inclusive political dialogue.

Victory to the Masses!

Oromo Liberation Front

November 3, 2021


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  1. Even though I consider Jaal Dawud as the father and OLF as the vanguard of Oromia, I find the last three paragraphs of the above press release mind boggling in at least two counts:

    On the one hand the press release fails to acknowledge Oromia is a colony of Ethiopia for about 170 years now, its sovereignty has already been trampled and its people are facing barbaric extrajudicial murders on their own backyard on daily bases which is getting intense and worse specially under col. Abiy’s rule. Ethiopia has used Oromos as a cannon fodders and still does in all its wars similar to other colonial powers like Britain who used Indian and African soldiers in its wars. I advise OLF to reclaim its stated goal of liberating Oromia than leave it as part of Abyssinian kingdom a kingdom that committed generational brutal atrocities in Oromia and on its people.

    On the other hand the press release also tacitly give up a large chunk of Oromian territory from Raya in the north all the way down south to and including Dessie and Kombolcha which is currently occupied by TDF as if it is not sovereign Oromian territory. OLf should look at the map of Oromia posted on its own page!

    Contrary to OLF’s press release I welcome TDF all over Oromia to hunt down all TPLF’s former slaves and neo-colonialists all over Oromia. However, I strongly oppose TDF’s help in setting up any Ethiopian administration in Oromia be it in Dessie or Finfinne. It should hand over all Oromian territories it currently occupied to WBO the rightful owner of Oromia and give up repeating the crime TPLF did in 1991: restructuring and reconstructing Ethiopian colonialism. Colonialism should be fought and abolished in what ever form or shape it reappears or led – be by Agazi-Tegaru or Neftegna-Amara. Col. Abiy led wanton atrocities in Oromia and Tigray is similar to what both Tewodros, Menelik and their successors did in Oromia and on us since we became their colonial subjects. It should be crystal clear to TDF that we love Oromia equally if not more than it loves Tigray. No compromise on our beloved country Oromia.

    Leave Ethiopia for Ethiopians and help to liberate Oromia from nearly two century old brutal Ethiopian colonial rule instead.

    Ethiopia is Oromia’s deadly enemy!

    Victory to WBO/ODF – Oromian Defence Force!

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