By Yaadasaa Dafa, July 24, 2018

OPDO claiming to be OLF was the main strategy of TPLF. Yes, by bringing the OPDO to power, TPLF dreamed and wished for extending their time of theft and embezzlement of the Nations resources at the expenses of all the people of Ethiopia and the Nation of Oromia in particular. All in – all, they though to outsmart others so as to stay enjoying their colonial status (and robbery in the day light) much longer.

Yes, their dream of watering down the Oromo people’s boiling National struggle appears to be realized to some extent, not by the TPLF – no, no, by the sellout Oromos themselves. But how far TPLF will succeed – remains to be a game – and yet articulated usual drama!!!!!

Practically, others none-compromising senior- independent and autonomous thinkers and movers are also invited by default. We need to understand here that this invitation did not occur as a good and honest gesture from OPDO. No. No. They are forced to play the role even if they do understand their old game including their ugly – name of death- OPDO will be a history. They might think that their reputations and horrid/callous/repellant and ugly deeds will be laundered. I do not believe so. Unprincipled on self-defecating idiot are always remain the same, no matter where they might be, or might capture whatever post not dreamed off. But whatever happens, their colonial mantra will never cease and here we are again and again.

Overall, we all are old enough to know and predict precisely what the Abyssinians usually do to each-other in such scenario. They might welcome the bankrupted philosophy of Medemar for now.  It is a public secret to know the next move of core colonialists.  But just remember, when the hyenas start to fight among each other for negligible pieces of meat, the gallant OLF would retreat back to its original kaayyoo. So, do not be duped by the facial expressions as it could be knowingly or unknowingly deceptive to the public. Now you know the rest of the story!!!!!!!!!!!! Asalaam Aleikum,

Yaadasaa Dafa.

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