OMN: ABO Mootummaa Cehumsaa Oromiyaa

ABO Mootummaa Cehumsaa Oromiyaa (Onkoloolessa 30, 2020)

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Abebe Etana (Mul'is Dhugaa) is a human rights activists and Oromo nationalist who has been fighting for the Oromo people's freedom and the right to exercise self-determination. Abebe was member of Oromo students association under the umbrella of ABO/OLF in Finfinnee University main campus. He participated in the first Oromo students of Finfinnee university annual graduation bulletin in 1994 when he graduated from the university with a B>A degree in Business Administration. He also graduated from HiLCoE school of Computer Science & Technology with Associate Degree in Computer Science in August 2005. Abebe has been member of Mecha-Tulama Association in Ethiopia who contributed to the achievement of the goals of the association since the time he was at Addis Ababa University. After graduating from AAU, he was hired by Oromia Works and Urban Dev't Bureau & assigned to the Adama Branch Agency for The Administration of Rental Houses as Administration Service Head. In spite of his relocation to Adama due to work, Abebe (Mul'is) continued his active participation in the Macha-Tulama Association in Finfinnee. He was also a Part-Time instructor at the then Nazareth Technical College (now Adama university). He was teaching Business Management courses such as Entrepreneurship, Marketing Research, Risk Management & Insurance. He was actively participating in coordinating Adama University Oromo students to demand their rights and the right of the Oromo people. Due to the political pressure, continuous harassments & intimidation from the Ethiopian dictatorial regime, Abebe was forced to leave his work in Adama and join Ethiopian Airlines as Jr. Training Officer in June 2001. His rental house that he was living in with his younger brother Eyasu Etana, was illegally broken by local government official & cadres and all his personal belongings were confiscated/looted and some of them were damped in the local Kebele 11 office compound without court order. The security forces allegedly accused him & his brother as harboring anti-government forces in the Rental House they were living in and conducted meeting with those forces who oppose the govt. ......He was bitten by a Ethiopian military who were temporarily stationed in the Kebele 11 compound and were being deployed to some areas in Eastern Ethiopia. After few days he left for Finfinne with his brother after forcefully signing a document that he had received all his belonging from the Kebele representatives when in fact most of his belonging were looted by them or others under the pretext of 'property financed by anti gov't organizations.' Some time in 2000, he was interrogated by TPLF security officer in Adanma by a name Kiros. Kiros, a Tigrean, called Abebe to his office and interrogated him about his involvement in the protests, resistance and opposition against the transfer of he capital city of Oromiya form Finfinnee to Adama. He accused Abebe saying that he was closely working with Mecha-Tulama Association to oppose the decision of Oromiya regional govt to transfer the capital city of Oromiya. After he moved to Finfinnee and started work in Ethiopian airlines, he increased his participation in the

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