1. Bravo OMN! I am listening to your live webcast/broadcast on Ayyaantuu News! Sorry I do not do the FAGOT ( Facebook, Amazon, Google, Oracle,& Twitter ) networks social media stuff!

    You are certainly back! Your EMPHASIS of the stories of the Oromo Liberation Army is truly a welcome change most of us have been waiting to see coming from you guys!! I and many, many, of us who have stepped away from you guys over the last three years will be back to stand by you with all the support we can give you guys soon!

  2. Wow! Dejene and Zac (OMN!) Bravo Ayyaantuu for carrying this webcast Live!

    I am too old to get excited, but you guys got me really thrilled today! I watched and listened to your program end to end! Thank you for the message you CLEARLY transmitted to our youth back home: “If you are going to get rounded up by PP cadres and be sent to Tigray UNWILLINGLY AND without insufficient or any military training, to become Cannon fodders, you might as well join the OLA and fight for your people!”

    Well done guys!
    Let us STAND with our OLA with all we have got!

  3. I hope this good feeling continues! I finally feel at home here on Ayyaantuu and Kichuu’s pages with an incredibly smart group of Oromo nationalists! May this continue to the days of our freedom!

    Your sentiment towards OMN ARE my sentiments too!

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