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  1. Question for OSA:

    1. Is Ethiopia at war with itself or with its subjects? Especially when you refer to the war between the Oromo (OLA) and Ethiopian empire defense force? Do you really understand Oromo cause?
    2. Professor Alex is mainly focusing on Tigray and implying that Abiy has started committing crime when he waged war on Tigray. OSA president is also conferring with that wrong notion of Professor Alex instead of correcting & rectifying (as Oromo a centered association) the hidden fact that Abiy has been at war with Oromo people since 2018 in West and South Oromia committing immense crimes against humanity and war crime equal to genocide. It is the Tigray who framed the genocide on Tigray to be understood by the world community. But OSA is not doing that even in this discussion with this scholar. Why don’t you have a firm stand on Oromo’s quest, the crimes being committed on Oromo since the formation of the empire and make scholars like Alex properly understand the Oromo cause before trying to discuss on the complex issues of the Ethiopian empire. From the way OSA president speaks, he looks Ethiopian and trying to look for solution for the empire’s deep rooted irreconcilable problem within the Ethiopian framework. Can you please get out of the ‘Ethiopian’ BOX first before addressing Oromo issue or inviting a scholar who has a deeper & at times a skewed/biased knowledge about the fake Ethiopia?

    3. The current state of Oromo/Oromia that made the winner, Oromo, a victim of its own victory by handing power to the dead OPDO/neftegna and placed it at the receiving end is the shortsightedness & lack of political maturity among the Oromo activists, scholars, and greedy politicians like ODF members. That problem is continuing by the head of the traitors, Lencho Lata, even today when he is trying to play smart by advising to release few selected Oromo political prisoners. This trend must be stopped and reversed by the Oromo people and OSA should play its proper role of enabling Oromo rally under one national Oromo cause! A cause to enable Oromo determine its own fate- to exercise SELF-DETERMINATION!

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