OPDO Parliament Members Choose Country before Party!

OPDO Parliament Members Choose Country before Party!

Abbaa Ormaa, February 28, 2018

Dear Parliament Members of the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO),

Oromo people’s message to you is simple. In two days you will be confronted with a choice of declaring war against your own people or voting it down and registering your opposition to it.

When confronted with the choice, choose the Oromo People and Oromia before party!

The TPLF ship is sinking and time to abandon it for good cause. Party comes and goes but people and country are not. Your allegiance must be to your people.  Your loyalty should be to your people and country! Also remember that not just the peoples of Ethiopia but also the international community including the United States of America, the European Union, and the United Kingdom strongly oppose this decree.

TPLF is inviting you to join its crime enterprise at the last minute against your own people. Make no mistake even if it is called “National State of Emergency”, the main target of this illegal decree is the Qeerroo and the Oromo people.

Are you going to raise your right hand to give license to the Oromo blood trusty Agazi to massacre your people or be on the side of the people?

You have to ask yourself what they happened the last times you gave them the license. How many killed? How many people jailed and tortured? How many Oromo women raped? How many Oromos displaced? Are you willing to repeat the samething?

In case it helps remind yourself the courage shown by the Qeerroo that chanted “Down Down Wayane; Down Down TPLF” surrounded by TPLF tanks and Agazi at Ireechaa 2016 as you sit in that hall and prepare to vote surrounded by silent walls and at worst sharp words. He name and did will be engraved in history books in gold.

Remember Feyisa Lilesa who showed the world a true courage when he chooses to be a voice to his people and country. As he crossed the finish line, he did not care for the medals and wealth that comes with it.

Play the song that Bekele Gerba and his fellow prisoners sang in front of a TPLF judge telling him that the want to be the last Oromo to die. Have that sprit.

Then ask yourself if the Qeerroo and Feysa are sitting right now in your sit will they raise their hand to declare war on their people?

Be grateful of the historical opportunity you are given and make history by denying TPLF to use your name to kill your people. With or without your support, the TPLF regime probably will go ahead the war. Don’t be part of it.

You saw even before they get your license, they started raining their terror on the people of Neqemte, Dambi-Dolo, and many more places Killing innocent Oromos. You can only imagine what they are going to do with your vote.

Shockingly, once you sign on with the war mongers, the very decree bans you, your state officials, and anyone one outside their command posts from speaking up against what is to come.

Be the one to vote it down!!

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