Open Letter: A Call to the government of Turkey and its people to stand with the Oromo nation

H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
President of the Republic of Turkey
Ankara, Turkey

Your Excellency, President Tayyip Erdoğan,

Abiy Ordogan
Erdogan backs peaceful resolution to Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict. Turkish leader also tells Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed that Ankara is willing to mediate in Sudan border dispute.

On behalf of the Oromo People, we, the Oromia Global Forum (OGF) – a global alliance of 45 (forty-five) Oromo Civic, Professional, Faith-Based and Human Rights Advocacy Organizations, residing in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa, call up on your government and the people of Turkey to stand with the Oromo People, the single largest nation in the Horn of Africa, with over 50 million population.

Turkey is the second-biggest investor in Ethiopia with almost all of its capital invested in the Oromia region, which has created employment opportunities for tens of thousands of our people. The Oromia Global Forum (OGF) is grateful to the government and people of Turkey for the friendship and cultural ties with the Oromo people. We are also pleased by the recent call by your government to mediate between all warring parties in Ethiopia and the region.

However, we are alarmed by the news of Turkish support for the current regime in Ethiopia. We sincerely believe that the current diplomatic ties with the present Ethiopian government could not have come at the worst time.

Your Excellency,

Supporting the government of PM Abiy Ahmed, diplomatically or otherwise, will be a great disservice to the Oromo people, and indeed, the majority of the peoples of Ethiopia. We also believe that it will be detrimental to the advancement of the noble interests pursued by the people and the government of Turkey in Ethiopia and the wider Horn region.

Attached, please, find the full content the open letter to the government and people of Turkey to stand with the Oromo Nation. If you are working at Media outlet, please, make it part of your news.

Best regards,

Oromia Global Forum

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