Open Letter to Dr. Abiy Ahmed

By Concerned Citizens of Oromia, June 1, 2019

Dear Dr. Abiy Ahmed, PM of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia,


Abiy Ahmed

We write this open letter to you because we are deeply concerned about the news that the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), the ruling party led by you, use of banned chemical weapons indiscriminately in parts of Oromia that poses grave danger to the health of civilians, environment, and regional security in the name of fighting the Oromo Liberation Army.

After coming to power on the backs of historical Oromo Qeerroo/Qarree peaceful movement for the most part that consumed the lives of more than 7 thousand lives, your government, despite the good will and difference given to your government and “reform agenda” by the Oromo people, turned onto the Oromo people, your unwillingness to engage in an honest dialog with opposition Oromo political parties, especially the Oromo Liberation Front turned Oromia into a war zone. As a result your government is waging hidden war on the Oromo people in various parts of Oromia posing the possibility of famine and mass migration from these war zones.

Oromia today is turned into blood bath and the country is at the verge of falling apart creating the largest humanitarian disaster in the region and a looming civil war that would eclipse the Tutsi-Hutu genocide.

The Oromo people and the Qeerroo/Qarree have been following your party, the ODP, and your government’s uneven handed treatment of the Oromo Liberation Front and cornering and forcing its political leaders to distance itself from the young Oromos who picked up arms to defend the rights of their people, the WBO, in the faces of a looming danger from every corner of Oromia and at the time when the Amhara terrorist group like ABN are armed to their teeth and waiting for opportunities to strike at the Oromo people. The Oromo people are disheartened by the timing and policy of unilateral disarmament of the Oromo people and your obsession with the Oromo Liberation Front at this critical time when there are so many burning issues facing the country from inflation to shortage of cash flow to the government. Everyone knows your government is tittering on the verge of collapse facing historical inflation. You are waging unwinnable and unnecessary war with borrowed money.

The overwhelming majority of the Oromo people want a speedy implementation of the Asmara agreement between the OLF and your government. Instead, your government have been using banned chemical weapons selectively in parts of Wallaga and the South. Evidences are coming out that your armed force have finished preparation to use chemical weapons against WBO, the brightest and bravest Oromo children at a massive scale. This plan is confirmed from your own defected generals and colonels whose conscious did not allow them to be part of such crimes against their own people and recently decided to join their brothers and sisters in WBO to fight your egregious genocide against the Oromo people.  At the end of the day this police is yours alone and you bear full responsibility for its human and environmental cost. If not you, your children will live with the scar of history! Therefore, we urge you to re-consider this ill-conceived police and resolve your differences with the Oromo Liberation Front and WBO around the table not around chemical weapon.

I would like to inform you that a task force to expose the hidden war and use of banned chemical weapons has completed its work and will pursue legal avenues to bring those who take part in such heinous crimes to justice.

Yours sincerely,



  1. This is a very important initiative that should be done by multiple groups and expose the crimes this regime is coming against the Oromo people. Also it is important that the Oromo people back home and in the diaspora raise their voices in support of WBO and send a clear message to Dr Abiy’s government that the time has come to change course or booted out of stat kilo.

  2. To stop the war for food Zamzam Bank drafted a policy to regulate the food market in the main cities of Ethiopia.
    It is said to be that currently the food market in the city of Addis Ababa is the most chaotic since the distribution channel between the farmer and the consumer is controlled by Hailemariam Desalegn & Co.

    Food is unaffordable even for the upper class family in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Only a single person with upper class income is in a position to afford food.

    That is why Quoshe’s moldy rotten spoiled food was being sold for patients at Black Lion Hospital’s club restaurant in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia . Employees , patients and visitors ended up getting diagnosed with various diseases due to the food they consumed.

  3. Yes, as you said it’s “unwinnable and unnecessary war”. I don’t understand why Dr.Abiyi Hamed preferred this unjust war on Oromo people. The Amhara Regional State is so busy in training and arming its people
    and already started aggression on neighboring states. For example the massacre on Benshagul people, the attack on Oromia zone Kamise and Karayu people, the killing of Kimant people in their own regional state and etc. can be mentioned. In addition the fanatic organization called ABN already started terrorizing our people. They are simply waiting for favorable situation to open large scale war on Ormo and other neighboring States. These are the groups needs to be dealt with, not WBO. WBO has been shading its blood for freedom and equality and it should be part and parcel of this government to bring peace and stability to the country. So, sit down and discuss with them, listen to their questions and why they are still shading their blood. Otherwise, you will be confronted by all Oromos and all other peace loving people this country
    and finally lose the war and everything.

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