Open Letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee – To strip the Noble Peace Award off Abiy Ahmed

Open Letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee – To strip the Noble Peace Award off Abiy Ahmed

15 Million western Oromia, Ethiopians are under risk of mass genocide by Abiy Amhed

For the last 5 years, Our people in Ethiopia have fought and struggle to end the authoritarian EPRDF government by sacrificing more than 5000 Qeerroo (Oromo youth) and many mores through non-violence peaceful resistances. Our people fought for freedom, equality, democracy and above all for dignity and respect as Oromo in Ethiopia and to be free from any dictatorship. Our Youth Leader like of Jawar played pivot role and internally brilliant and change agent – leaders like Lamma Magarsa (who sacrificed his Prime Ministership position for Abiy Ahmed) also played a huge role in bringing the change in Ethiopia. The change has brought opportunity for Abiy Ahmed to become Prime Minster of Ethiopia, but Abiy Ahmed has hijacked hopes of millions for change and transition to democracy, equality and freedom and now replaced it with one man dictatorship. He fooled “The Noble Committee”, he fooled the world leaders and politicians around the world by making a grand showcase of the peace making of Ethiopia-Eritrea. Peace starts from home, but which never happened. Here is the list of things Abiy Ahmed has done since he came to power in Ethiopia.

  1. Order the military to kill, burn villages and terrorize civilians in western Oromia, Ethiopia. Thousand of Oromo have been killed. To hide the ongoing genocide, he has shutdown phone, internet and electricity from 15 million people. He committed a series of crime, which is not expected at all from Noble Prize winner.
  2. Putting more than 9000 Oromo into jail among them is the well known Activist “Dereje Begi who got more than 41,524 followers on Facebook” and a well known OLF political leader “Abdi Regasa”. This shows how ruthless Abiy Ahmed is to his opponents. He jails everyone who opposes him or he makes people disappear.
  3. Displacing more than 200,000 Oromo people from Wallaga to Gambella regions in western Oromia, Ethiopia. Now suffering from lack food and shelters.
  4. He put 15 million people under command post without approval of the parliament or any legal ground which amounts a series of crime.

Now Coronavirus is in Ethiopia and most probable thousand of people will be dead. But the most dangerous thing is that 15 million people who live in western Oromia, Ethiopia, have no information about the virus as they don’t have either phone lines or internet connection or electricity. They do not have access to basic human needs and information.

The government has blocked all the above to undertake a mass jailing, torturing and killing on civilians. If the government doesn’t lift the blockage of internet, phone and electricity in western Oromia, Ethiopia, a mass genocide will happen due to coronavirus. Millions of people will be infected and thousands will die. Abiy Ahmed government is a total authoritarian and dictatorship government with no mercy for civilians! Noble Prize Committee should feel ashamed for awarding a peace prize to a dictator who is intentionally denying more than 15 million people access to telephone and internet services at this critical time of Covid-19 pandemic. In short, we kindly request the Noble Prize Committee to urgently take the following actions:

  1. to make a call and put pressure on Abiy Ahmed to unblock the internet, phone and electricity and stop committing mass genocide against residents of Western Oromia, Ethiopia.
  2. To strip  the Noble Peace award off Abiy Ahmed or reconsider the award.

Warning : If the Noble Committee doesn’t make a call and the government doesn’t lift the blockage and this mass genocide happens in Western Oromia, Ethiopia, we will make both Abiy Ahmed and Noble Prize Committee responsible for the mass genocide.  We will open a legal case at ICC for not doing enough to protect the innocent and stop mass genocide.

Please find below evidence of reports on what have been mentioned above


CC to:

  1. Office of Prime minster of Ethiopia
  2. World Health Organisation (WHO)
  3. International Criminal Court
  4. United Nation office
  5. European Union offices
  6. Human Right watch
  7. Amensty International
  8. Oromo Lawyers Association
  9. Oromo Physician Association
  10. BBC World, CNN, Al-Jazeera, TRT World,
  11. Bill Gates Foundation
  12. Alibaba Foundation


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