ORG: ‘The Truth come out of the Nose if one blocks your mouth’.

‘The Truth Come Out of the Nose if One Block Your Mouth’
EWO/ORG | August 26, 2020

“Dhugaan Yoo Afaan Qaban Funyaaniin Baha” (Oromo Proverb).

Literal meaning

‘The Truth Come Out of the Nose if One Block Your Mouth’.

Oromia Revolutionary Guard (ORG) Press Statement

The Oromo Youth (Qeerroo) in the UK are Taking Timely and Genuine Actions Against the Ethiopian Terrorist Ruling Group.

We appreciate the contribution of diaspora Oromos towards Oromo Liberation Movement that have been going on for many years. The diaspora Oromo played and still playing essential role in the Oromo liberation movements. Their immense contribution has enabled the Oromo struggle to move many steps forward.

We are grateful for the current Oromo protests around the world denouncing the brutality of the Ethiopian regime. This week’s Oromo protest, that is taking place in the London-UK, has locked down the Ethiopian Embassy in London. It is huge determination of Oromo youth movement for freedom and democracy. The protest took place for the last 7 days, and protesters are denouncing the evil acts of the terrorist Ethiopian regime. The major demands are that the Government must release Oromo political prisoners; stop arbitrary detentions and mass arrests; removal of command posts (illegal state of emergencies) from Oromia; averting Prosperity Party’s evil activities in Oromia and the resignation of PM Abiy Ahmed. At the end of the protest they removed the EPRDF ruling party’s flag (symbol of tyranny) and replaced it with OLF/ Oromo flag (symbol of many years bitter struggle and ultimate freedom for Oromo and other oppressed peoples).

We, the Oromia Revolutionary Guard, believe that such accomplishments are part of the Oromo struggle and portray clear information to the western countries and help them reflect on what type of regime they are supporting in Ethiopia. The western nations, whether intentionally doing it or otherwise, should know that they are unjustly supporting few terrorist groups who does not protect the interests of its own people in all aspects of life including economic, political, social and human rights issues. The Ethiopia people do not consider this terrorist group as their own government rather as enemies to the people. Supporting this group of mafias for own national interest is not only morally wrong but it is ineffective diplomacy as well as put a black spot in the history of diplomatic relationship with Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian people in general and the Oromo in particular are totally condemning the western governments’ unconditional support for few terrorist rulings groups just for their national interest without considering what the regime is doing to its own people. The western nations should understand that intertest- based diplomatic relations, and strategic alliance with the criminal regime is selfish approach and is a complete lack responsibility for the oppressed people. It is morally and legally incorrect to support terrorist Ethiopia regime who already been rejected by the Ethiopian people.

Whatever happen, injustice exercised on Oromos and other Ethiopian peoples is surfacing through peoples’ struggle and the oppressed people sooner or later raise up, fight, and eventually achieve their freedom and democracy. That is why we say, ‘The Truth Come Out of the Nose if One Block Your Mouth’.

We, the Oromia Revolutionary Guard, had stated in our declaration issued on September 20, 2019 in article 12 that any western nation or agency should refrain from any type of collaboration or relationship with the terrorist ruling group that doesn’t represent the Ethiopian people. Once more we would like to reiterate that all UN bodies, European Union, Africa Union, Diplomats of various countries, Human Rights groups and Non-Government organizations must understood that the current Ethiopian ruling group is a complete dictator and failed to use the opportunity given to them to change the country into the democratic system. To the contrary, this regime put the country into more complicated political turmoil and deep crises that lead to chaos and disintegration.

Therefore, we urge the western nations and UN bodies to shutter any support and revise their diplomatic relationship with terrorist mafia (the PP) ruling group. The Ethiopian people will never recognize this group as its own government anymore but see it as corrupted mafia group who put the country into deep crises. Instead we appeal to the international community to support freedom movement that will bring about stability and lasting peace in the country. To this effect, the ORG highlighted, in its declaration of September 20, 2019, the formation of Transitional Government. This was to avoid current political violence, and to have elected government that bring lasting peace and stability in the country. Currently, Oromia Revolutionary Guard is coordinating the Oromo people and oppressed peoples forces to galvanize towards establishing Transitional Government that pave the way for inclusive democracy and free and fair election. Thus, we urge the western nations and international institutions, and peace-loving people to stay away from providing financial and technical support to the already failed terrorist ruling group, instead support the inclusive and democratic initiatives already underway in Ethiopia.

We also call up on our people who live in neighboring countries and western nations to refrain from working with the embassies and diplomatic circles of this terrorist Ethiopian regime. On this occasion we would like to applaud the Oromo nationalist who accepted our call of September 20, 2019 and recently resigned from their diplomatic roles in different Ethiopian embassy offices: These individuals are : Nuuraa Saaddoo (Sweden), Margaa Boorishee (France) and Bhiraanemasqal Abbabaa Sanyii (USA). These Oromo nationals decided not to work with the current terrorist ruling group due to the fact that the regime is indulged into immense atrocities to its own people and the individuals didn’t have a moral ground to work with such level of cruelty to innocent people. Also, ORG reiterate that other Oromia nationals must follow the footsteps of these courageous individuals and distance themselves from these terrorist ruling group and stand by their people to intensify the struggle for freedom and democracy.

Oromia First!

The year of end to slavery!

August 26, 2020

Finfinnee, Oromia

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