Oromia International Bank branch was attacked in Bahir Dar today

Oromia International Bank branch was attacked by the mob in Bahir Dar

April 22, 2021

The Amhara region has clearly demonstrated its hatred against the Oromo people.  On April 19, 2021, they chanted against Oromumma. Oromummaa means Oromo language, culture, history, values and so on.

The regional militia and mob burned down Oromo villages, houses, businesses, livestock and killed hundreds of Oromo living in Oromia zone of Amhara regional state.

This work is apparently becoming recurrent. In 2019 the Amhara youth stoned and killed about 30 Oromo students in the universities of Amhara region. The attack took place in classes and student dormitories. The hatred and contempt, these people have for the Oromo people is alarming.

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