Oromia Support Group Australia Statement on the brutal killing of Gammachu Garomsa





September 26, 2019

Social media footage showing a dozen of armed forces in uniform surrounded the defenseless boy while cruelly tied his hand behind.

Oromia Support Group Australia extremely shocked about the brutal killing of innocent Oromo young boy Support Group Australia extremely shocked about the brutal killing of innocent Oromo young boy Gammachu Garomsa, (the local member of Oromo Youth Movement (Qerro), on 19th September 2019 at a place called Malka Qiltu in Ayira District, West Region of Oromia.

After he was taken away from his friend’s place by dozen of fully armed government forces and being under arrest without resistance. He was cruelly tortured, naked and beaten while his both arms harshly tied behind. The cold blooded killings and the savage action taken by the armed forces on the Gammachu sheer brutality of it has brought tragedy to his people and loved one.

Various media clips and fact reports showed he was shot twice in his head and his dead body was ruthlessly slashed with a bayonet knife. It was an act of inhumane and excessive brutality when the defenseless young boy ran away in search of rescuing his life. Why?

No one denies that the government authorities, (the armed and security forces) either ordered the killing or were at least aware of it.

Irritably, no accountability for grave violations of human rights committed in Oromia. The Ethiopian government authorities have failed to accept the hundreds of unlawful killings, thousands of cases of detainees and torture documented. The worst cruelty by the armed forces remains widespread.

Oromia Support Group Australia (OSGA) express its grave concerns that if the wave of unlawful killings and mass execution in Oromia is ignored it fuels further catastrophic in the country.


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