Oromia: The Great Oromo Nationalists! Who Fought for Oromo unity.

Oromia: The  Great Oromo Nationalist  Fekadu Megersa, Who Fought for Oromo unity until his last Breath.

Fekadu Megersa

This is Walloo, Sambatee, northern Oromia. Today, the building, the tree, the grass and the leaves are adorned with the Oromo freedom flag in Walloo, Sambatee!
Respect and Glory for Oromo Freedom Fighters!

The Oromo people is walking towards freedom slowly but surely!!

#Oromiyaa-biyya seenaa cimaa!

loved by so many. #Oromia

Zerihun Wodajo – Hin Oolu! NEW 2015 (Oromo Music)

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