Oromiya’s Maraamartoo Politics (an opinion piece)

Oromiya’s Maraamartoo Politics (an opinion piece)

By Getahun Benti, PhD, Muddee 29, 2018

As kids, we used to play by spinning ourselves on our body mass while standing or rolling over on the ground several times.  The result was loss of consciousness and inability to maintain balance, and a powerful feeling that everything was “moving” around. Some could even experience violent stomach upset and headache. This situation is called “maraamartoo.”

For three decades, and more so in the last four years, Oromiya’s politics has been in a state of maraamartoo caused externally by a brutal and unforgiving enemy and internally by fatally divided Oromo politicians. Both exposed the Oromo to ruthless occupation, domination and exploitation. Their humanity has been degraded and their very survival as a nation has been threatened. With a besieged mentality, and understandably as a minority regime, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) made a determined effort to annihilate the Oromo people. In the last four years the Oromo have been phenomenally united under Qeerroo leadership and staged a fierce but costly resistance to TPLF onslaught. Alarmed by this extraordinary Oromo unity, advocates of Amhara domination (particularly in the diaspora and at home, and non-Amhara politicians like Berhanu Nega) have begun to wage a relentless war, especially through their outlet, ESAT, on the Oromo people. While the TPLF appear to have retreated, Amhara extremists are still conducting a persistent campaign to destroy Oromiya as a state and the Oromo as a nation. They saw Oromo unity as the greatest threat to the Ethiopian empire and to their hegemony. They were not even persuaded by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s pledges to make peace between Ethiopians and save the empire their forefathers created. The prime minister’s apparent reluctance to tackle Oromo questions boosted the morale of Amhara extremists. Surrounded by mortal enemies (TPLF and Amhara extremists) coupled with the indifference of the federal government and its resort to force instead of dialogue, and with the unfortunate conflict between the two major Oromo political groups, the politics of Oromiya got into a maraanmartoo syndrome.

To his credit, the prime minister opened the political space and tolerated freedom of expression. He also developed a rapprochement with exiled political groups. Most importantly, he negotiated with the OLF and paved the way for its return to the country. The OLF agreed to participate in the peaceful political transition under Abiy’s leadership. Soon, however, relations between them have turned bitter with mutual incriminations for violating agreements that were not yet made public.  On their part, the Oromo people have started to question the sincerity of both the OLF and ODP to honor the agreements. What is quite evident is that the OLF has dropped its maximum program of promoting the secession of Oromiya from Ethiopia while the ODP has not shown any sign of dropping TPLF’s maximum program of destroying the OLF and Oromiya. Sadly, the ODP has embarked on suppressing the Oromo in ways very similar to that of the TPLF. The creation of command posts and summary killings in many parts of Oromiya continue unabated.

The worst thing that could happen to the Oromo people is a civil war in Oromiya. Unfortunately, we see clear signs of impending civil war where the two Oromo parties, knowingly or unknowingly, are engaged in acts of mutual destruction. There are two fundamental reasons for this. The first is the inherent contradiction between the political agendas of the ODP and the OLF. From their actions and political rhetoric, it is clear that the ODP saw the Oromo movement for freedom and equality as a threat to the Ethiopian empire of which they are apparently in charge currently. As such Lammaa’s slogan of “addiction to Ethiopianism” and Abiy’s rhetoric that “when we are alive we are Ethiopians, when we die we become Ethiopia” is to assure the anti-Oromo elements that the reform they are conducting will protect their interests. For the OLF Oromummaa, which is secondary for the ODP, is the core of their political agenda and appealed to all walks of life. The 6 million people who attended the welcoming rally of the OLF was a clear reception of the message than an appreciation of the individual leaders. This means that the political philosophies of the two parties are inherently antagonistic. To make matters worse, there are elements inside ODP who are engaged in intensive revenge politics. They include members of individual Oromo “parties” who joined ODP because they were unable to win the heart and mind of the Oromo people. They were former members of the OLF and joining the ODP provided them a unique opportunity to punish their former organization. As such, they have staged a relentless campaign against the OLF to prove their loyalty to ODP. In other words, they are using the heavy hand of the ODP to settle old scores with the OLF. Compared to the OLF, they do not have strong support from the people and, to overcome that, they have been persistently portraying inconsistent political behaviors, and have developed a great urge to divide and betray.

The impending conflict between the ODP and the OLF has created a lot of joy in the camp of actual enemies, the TPLF and Amhara extremists. Both see the OLF as a mortal enemy bent on destroying the empire they have been dearly cherishing. For the TPLF, the ODP is protecting the constitution that it created to ensure its hegemony. For the extremist Amhara, the ODP is defending the empire they created from alleged Oromo secessionists. For the Oromo, the ODP has yet to unequivocally address the questions that thousands of Qeerroos and Oromo of all walks of life died for. Unfortunately, given its resort to force, the hope that the ODP will address the multitude of Oromo problems is fading away. Incarcerations and killings continue unabated. While the Somali Liyu Police resumed its attack, a new and deadly war front has opened in western Oromiya.

TPLF and Amhara extremists are refereeing the battle game between the two Oromo brothers while the ODP is playing into their hands. In these typical Abyssinian political machination, the Oromo and the OLF are the victims. The Qeerroo, who sacrificed dearly to make the change a reality, are now watching the drama to determine their next move. The whole situation has turned Oromo politics into a turbulent maraamarto. This time, the maraamarto can turn the entire region into a fireball if the actual enemies do not stop refereeing the battle between Oromo political groups and if the ODP does not adequately address the quest of the Oromo for equality and freedom. The last thing the ODP can do is turning this conflict into an Oromo civil war. They can hit the OLF but not its backbone, the Oromo people. The ODP knows where the heart of the Oromo is. They have seen the 6 million Oromo who welcomed the OLF in Finfinnee, and they understand where the 36 million others who could not make it to Finfinnee stand.

On the other hand, Obbo Dawd has to carefully think on how to manage his movement. Now, he is in Finfinnee not in Asmara or in the forests of Gidaamii, Gawo Qeebbee, Gursum or Gaara Mullataa. His status has changed from a leader in the jungles to a leader in Oromiya’s capital. He and his team have to communicate their ideas and policies diplomatically. Avoid inflammatory rhetoric. Similarly, ODP and its leaders have to learn lessons from preceding regimes, especially the TPLF. The TPLF has used every weapon in its arsenal to destroy the Oromo. Intimidating (like TPLF) the Oromo with the use of force would alienate the people, particularly the Qeerroo. If force were to decide the struggle between EPRDF member parties, team Lammaa would have been decimated a long time ago. How would the same weapons that could not save the TPLF assure victory for ODP? The Oromo people and the Qeerroo, even as they knew what the prime minister was up to, apparently “declared” a period of respite to give him the benefit of the doubt. But he utterly failed the test. The approaching election and the possibility that the OLF would rout out ODP with defeat in Oromiya has made the latter nervous. Consequently, it is determined to take every measure to cripple the OLF.

What the Oromo want are genuine talks between the two Oromo parties that will sincerely address the demands of the Oromo for freedom and equality. Short of this, the Oromo led by the Qeerroo will likely take full control of the destiny of their country into their hands. Exhausting their patience and stretching them to the breaking point could force the Oromo to opt for the ultimate and final solution to their problem. This could be achieved in two ways. The first one is to assert their constitutional rights and invoke Article 39. The second is liberating Oromiya by force through a full-blown revolt. (Jawar Mohammad is right that Oromiya was almost liberated days before Abiy’s ascension to power. But his ascension diluted a movement that gained unprecedented momentum with tangible results just on the corner.) There is still time for a peaceful resolution. But both parties have to be sincere to their words. Especially, the ODP has to categorically assure the OLF that it would respect agreements that they have reached. OLF leaders have never forgotten what happened to them in 1992. Apparently, from the rhetoric of ODP leaders, it is possible that it could happen again to the OLF. Obbo Lammaa and Prime Minister Abiy have to stop listening to the diaspora and extremist Amhara and start listening to their own people. They do not have to destroy their own people to rescue an empire that put them in this situation in first place. History and the Oromo people will never forgive them if they do not stop the maraamarto, start talking to the OLF and find a lasting solution to the Oromo question.  Prime Minister Abiy and President Lammaa have listened to the most anti-Oromo media, Ethsat, and to several Amhara extremists who seek the suppression of Oromo national aspirations. The question to them is: why have you not listened to Oromo elders such as Abiyu Galata, Tilahun Gamta, Ibsaa Gutama, Ahmed Hussen and Oromo intellectuals such as Mohammad Hassen, Asafa Jalata, Mekuria Bulcha and several others? Why are you reluctant to unban the Maccaa Tuulama Self-Help Association? Most of all, when will you listen to the Oromo, your own people? Please, make sure that the solution to Oromo problem is political, not force and the ball is in the prime minister’s court. The cure for the maraamartoo is in his hand and history will hold him accountable for his action or inaction.


  1. “Akka Haroon Hinguunee, Akka Raachi Hindunee” jedha Mammaksi Oromo

    Yaadni Obbolessa kiyyaa akkuma jirutti ta’ee garuu xiinxalaa isaa irratti “ODPn ABOn akka mohatamuu sodaatuuf ABO balessuuf adeemaa” kan jedhu dubbate. Akka yaadaa kiyyattii Otoo hooggaanii ODP nagaan nu-ceesisee, ABOn filannoon ODP mohatee, kan mohatu hunda caalaa hummata Oromoo ti. Itti aansee, ODP dha. Sadarka sadaffa irratti ABO dha. ODPn hummata Oromof amanama ta’e argamu isaa qofti akka inni yaadaa fi qalbi hummaticha booji’u isa godha. Egereen siyaasa ODP ifa ta’uu mala. Garuu, atakaroo inni amma ABO, kessattuu WBOn ilallattee hammenya inni hojjachuf tilmamu akka hummanni isa diineffatu karaa bana. ABOn jiraatee dhiisee ODPn jibbamtuu fi yakkamttu OPDO caaltu taa’tee hafti. ODPn ABOn dhabama jedhes hinyaadu. ODPn kan mohatamu, ABOn jiraatee dhiisee hojii isatini. Hojii isattu isa balessaa. Hojii isaatu isa Dagaagsa OPDn. OPDO dhaaba ganttuu, bitamtuu, yakkamtuu, ajooftuu hummannii Oromoo gaafa ishiin akka namaattu bilisa taa’tee yaaduu calabduu hinsimate. Xurii ishii irraa dhiqee, ofitti ishii fudhee haammate. “You can’t throw a baby with bath water” jedha mammaksi Faranjii. Akkuma jecha kanaa, Hummanni Oromoo baldhaan OPDO hudaaniin laaqamte, hudaan ishii fungan isaa qabatee irraa dhiqee ofitti ishii fudhate. Ofitti fudhatee haamachuu bira darbee, gorsa jajjabina, haamilee ishiitti hore. Akkaa Of-bilisomsitu qabsofsise. Sadarkaa nama Bilisaa itti ishii make. Isa bira darbee kennatta itti kennatee jabaadhuu nun adeemii. Siduukaa jira. Hinsodaatiin, Hinmamin, yaadaa hin-hirin, sibira jirra. Wanti fedhe yoodufe sibiraa dhaabbanna Jedhee Onnachise. OPDOns (Team Lammaa) hummattia isaa dhageefatee, qalbeffate, Wayyaanee Tigray aangoo irraa fonqolcuu danda’e. Dhugummatti, kuni hojii bilchina qabuu fii seena qabessa dha. Hummannii Oromoo akka hummata Ameeriaa ‘pragmatist” dha. “Synergy” dhaaba ergamtuu TPLF taate waliin uumeen qabso hummataa sadarkaa amma jiru kanarran gahera. “Synergy” ykn qindominni kun garuu lama otoo hinbulin, Abiy Ahmed akkuma angoo irratti baheen ballessuu jalqabe. Qabso hummatta Oromoo Angoo irratti isa baase , fi galata hummata Oromoo nyaatee Oromummaa irratti caaquu ykn baacuu jalqabe. isa bira darbee, Oromummaan Oromo salphise, Xiqeesse jedhe. Gama biratiin Ilaalcha nafxanyummaa haamileen cabde Olkaasee dibbee dhau calqabe. Hojii maataa fi miilaa hinqabne, kan wal-dha’u fi qal-fallessu hojjachu calqabe. Namichi kuni sammuun isaa sirrii dhaa hoo nama jechisisu calqabne. This man has been sending inconsistent and incoherent message for so long. wanta inni hojjatu, hojjachuuf abbalu, eenyu akka isa gorsuu fi kaanyyo malif akka adeemu baruun rakkisa ta’e. Karaa tokkon Africa Bulchina jedhe hawwaa, kara biraa immo wanta Oromia fi Oromummaa diigu fi balessu hojjata. Namni Africa tokkosuu yaaduu ykn abjootuu fi Oromumaa fi Oromia dinefatu yoo jirate nama abjuu sirna gita-bitotaa tin macha’e dha. Kayyoo sirna Nafxanyaati dhugomsu dha. Yaani kun want haaraa mitti. Mul’ataa Haaraas miti.

    Ergan kana jedheen booda, WBO akka diinaatti ilalanii ABO fi WBO dhabamsiisu itti duuluun ODP “muka irraa daabatan of-jalatti muruu” natti fakkata. ODP is shooting itself on the foot. ODP forgot that it is standing on the shoulder of those giants. ODP forgot that these are the ones who liberated them from slavery in the first place. WBO is our first class citizen. They are beyond ABO and its leadership. They are beyond Oromo party politics. If ODP wants to do what is right, start doing the right thing to our First class citizens, the WBO. Give them what they deserve, respect!. You ought to have saluted the WBO before anybody else.

    Maalo yaa Lammaa, maaloo yaa Abiy, gochaa Motummaan Hailesilasee gootota akka Balay Zalaqaa Qillxuu, Garasuu Dhukii fi Arabanyota biroo irratti hojjatee maalif WBO irran gahuf kaarorfatu? Yaadumti kun akkamitti isinitti muldh’ate, isinifis liqimfamaa? Dhuguma kuni yaada kessanii moo Ulee dinaa ta’uuf adeemtuu ammallee?.

    Ulfina ykn Kabajaa WBOf malu argisifnaan mwanti ODP fi ABO wal-diineffachisu jiraa? Hinjiru!. Boru hinbeekneen, Qodaa bukoshii sagalii akka jedhamu sana hinta’inaa. Oromiyaa fi Oromummaan youmiyyuu hinlalisa. Kabaja bara baraa gotowwan QBOf wareegamani fi wareega baasaa jiraniif.!

  2. Kan hidhaatti guddatte, hiddaa irraa hiiktus bakka itti hidhamaa turte irra fagaattee hin deemtu – qalbiitu gabroomeera jechuu dha. Kan OPDO/ODP’s kanuma fakkaata.

    Kana biratti ammoo namoonni qaama kana keessa turan irra caalaan isaani duranuu garaaf itti makaman, achi keessatti tarii yakka dhiifama hin qabne Oromoo fi saboota biroo irratti hojjetaa turan. Warra duuba deebi’uu hin dandeenyetu jiru. Isaan akkasii silaa dursanii of keessaa calaluutu irra ture. Kun hin tahin hafee, amma garsuu isaaniitu humna argachaa deeme fakkaata. Gariin ammoo, gaaffii ummata Oromoo irra aangoo dhuunfachuu fi irra turuu mararfatu.

    Osoo beekanii, qabsoo ummatni Oromoo itti dhumee asiin gahe kana fiixaan baasanii, ABO caalaa iyyuu itti galatoomuu (credit itti argachuu) dandahu turan. Akkuma Olansa olitti jedhe, kennatta ummatni itti kennate kana akka inni ‘si malee dhaaba hin qabnu’ jedheetti fudhatun jalqabame. Gooftaa duri, TPLF akkeessuu jalqaban!

    Ummata Oromoo irraa hacuuccaa fi shororkaan dhaabatee hin beeku. Kana hundaa keessatti qabsoo isaa itti fufe, ammas itti fufa. Garuu, OPDO/ODP’n ofiif xurii fi qaanii keessatti dhalatte keesaa bahuu hin dandeenye. Qaanii caalaa ammoo ummata Oromoo irratti fiduuf deemti.

    Namoota dhaaba kana keessa jiranif fi deggaraniif kan ani dhaamuu fedhu: yoo dhuguma boona ilmi namaa (self-respect) qabaattan, qalbii horadhaa, salphina kana keessaa ofis baasaa, badinsa keessa ummata Oromos tahe biyya Itophiyaa kana baasaa! Carran dhumaa isin qabdan kanuma!

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