Oromo Democratic Party (ODP): Beautiful in Name, Ugly in Action

Oromo Democratic Party (ODP): Beautiful in Name, Ugly in Action

By Worku Burayu (PhD), October 11, 2018

The beginning of understanding is to call things by their right names, the ODP. But can change of the name really transform the internal behavior? Although changed the name from smell bad OPDO to smell less ODP, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for ODP as organization to turn smell good. It is undeniable fact that the top higher two officials in ODP are most popular not only amongst the Oromo but also amongst other nations and nationalities in Ethiopia right now and for sometimes to come. The popularity of the two men, however, cannot turn the smell bad OPDO to smell good ODP because of the unchanged behavior of some of the OPDO officials who are unlearned from the past experiences. By the way, these two higher officials clearly know those individuals with bad idea in their organization. They wanted to use them for their own benefit and throw away when the time comes, “use and throw.”

Oromo society normally expects the Oromo political organizations or individuals to have good behavior, actions and manners to do what people wanted them to do or to like. It is obscured for many Oromo why ODP as organization upset about the good feeling of Oromo people, including members of ODP for their own army, the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). Human behavior can either be intentional by an individual or happen because of burden, pressure and pushes from external. OPDO are influenced to perform, dress, speak and think in certain ways by their creator party copies, the TPLF. In addition, their mentor, the TPLF, negatively affected the then OPDO or the now ODP behavior. These actions are also dependent on ODP’s abilities and limits in the EPRDF organization. For example, a person who is mentally weakened may not have the tendency to engage in competitive dialogue. The short way he wants to engage is to blame or complain others or to instigate conflict, the way some of ODP officials, are doing now.  For people to cooperate safely with others, they must have the right attitudes and perceptions towards certain phenomena. These boldness and awareness are lacking among some of the top members of ODP, the birth defect of Oromo. Due to lack of coherence, their policies, arguments and strategies are not comprehensible. It is obvious, the present ODP officials are raised and acculturated by TPLF. That is why we don’t see them as an independent thinker, their argument is not with coherence, thus not logical and it is incomplete. They don’t support with facts, no capability to differentiate individuals from the organization. Another factor that affects ODP behavior is its past experiences. An individual who may not know the culture of Oromo and cannot differentiate between things for internal and external consumption, as he grows up in TPLF limb, he learns the effects of his actions and behavior through experience gained from TPLF. The illogical reasoning, poor memory, lack of attention and poor judgment he learned from evil TPLF experiences negatively affect his behavior.

If we think wisely, what type of impartiality prevail in the process of justice when one of the higher officials who supposed to have responsibility to administer the country equally, complaining against another body in his Facebook? What kind of rationality expected when the higher official of the ruling party writes negative comments about competing political organizations? What kind of fairness you expect when the ruling party campaigning against you, you who survived and strived for justice?  I have mentioned in my previous articles that EPRDF is on its Plan “B” after Plan “A” is defeated by QEERROO BILISUMMAA OROMOO. I also mentioned that Getachew’s removal from its post is for tactical purposes. Many of the comments, I received, later, regarding Getachew’s position was to the opposite of my view. His reelection, in TPLF executive committee, however, proved the big role of Getachew for sometimes to come. I will repeat again the present mastermind of TPLF/EPRDF is still Getachew Assefa. It is. Through its proxy agents in Oromia and other regions he and his comrades working day and night to dismantle institution such as Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo; terrorizing people by doing sabotage to justify hunting and disarming of the Oromo Liberation Army; continuing dislocating the active resistant societies such as in Hararghe, Borana, Guji, Wallo, Wallaga and many other places; and instigating conflict between Oromo and other ethnics. It seems plan “B” is working for a moment. Following the return of almost all political organizations, some of the ODP official as well as Getachew’s proxy agent are already overloaded with the cadre work to spread unfounded rumor and campaigning to disarm the defenseless Oromo people. My previous assessment (June 10, 2018) was proved correct on October 5th, 2018 that Abiy and Lamma elected to stay on their position at least until the coming election date. TPLF has already settled “the Independent Tigray Republic” at their own hand protected by their own military without any Federal interference. Amhara region followed the same procedure even by accommodating the opposition groups such as Patriotic Front with their arms and officially declared to arm their own people. “Our son of the bitch,” the ODP, in line with my previous assessment already started waging propaganda and aggressive psychological war against Oromo people particularly against OLF through their agents. While advertising change, why on earth, ODP became part of those who resumed psychological war on Oromo? Is that difficult for ODP to assess the present situation that war on OLA is war on Oromo? Or are they listening to the envious activists? the activists who are imitating to be good but practically an adversary for any Oromo political organization including ODP. We have seen through our bitter struggle that the successive Ethiopian regime tried to disarm Oromo for a century and OLA for almost half a century. Enemy is enemy, you know it from far. But, ours, who thought they know everything, have been advising us for the last ten years to stop helping OLA or OLF. They spread unfounded propaganda among the societies, to the extent they were seemed the spoke persons of the late Meles Zenawi. Amazingly, some of the Oromo activists officially stated OLF as their enemy and declared its death many times even saying damaged beyond repair. This deliberate misinformation damaged the morale of the Oromo society, significantly.  The intention was to take hostage the OLF by hindering logistic assistance and finally to make it surrender. Their advice had proved so futile. Determined Oromo children brought success through their blood and flesh. The same activists were busy to welcome OLF leaders and OLA on September 15, 2108, and now tried to advice their declared foe the OLF, “NYAARA AADDATTEN QAANII HINBEEKTU.” Advisors run no risks, because it is easy to give advice but hard to act. Be aware, all are not friends that advice or speaks us fair. They are imitating. They try to advice the Oromo people to disarm themselves while they are hearing others armed themselves. For them, a beautiful child belonging to their neighbor is more than an ugly child of their own. They can say whatever they want but no one listen to their bad mouth to disarm Oromo people. Oromo People: Don’t give up! Be alert and of sober mind! Don’t be confused by your traitors of your own or old fox propaganda, or their proxy war. The greatest trick the ODP now jerked is to convince us that OPDO has changed to ODP. But we are live witness that ODP is beautiful in name but ugly in action. Resist any disarmament, standing firm in unity like you showed us before.

Horaa Bulaa!


  1. Well articulated, Dr Worku Burayu!

    Oromo, beware; remember 1991/92 and the period that followed. OPDO (ODP) officials and cadres have been there for the past 27 years, facilitating our repression. They are well positioned now to carry out their assignments more effectively than ever to please their masters. Qeerro, qarree, Oromo politicians and the great Oromo people, the struggle is not over yet. Listen to each other; euphoria must be put on hold. The enemies are twisting the hands of ODP to reverse the progress of your struggle for freedom. Ask yourselves, why should the Oromo people disarm while TPLF is armed to teeth and the Amhara region president is promising to arm the Amhara people? Oromo, I ma very confident that your political maturity surpasses or at least matches the deception of your enemies. Watch out carefully! You, the great Oromo people, must understand your own immense potential and stand up to enemy plots which are inferior but extremely cruel and merciless.

    Never be cheated again and again!


  2. olola oso dhifne ololi nama basu! wayyanerrati garre waan tahef.rasasaa jechaatin bilisumman argamu hin jiru. rasasa kamu lafa ka’uu qabdan amma

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