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We would like to highlight important points that the international community should know regarding the political situation in Ethiopia after October 10th, 2020.

As is now publicly known, the political situation in Ethiopia, particularly in Oromia, is fast approaching the brink. The self-described “reformist” government led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power in 2018 as the result of a relentless, dedicated pro-democracy protest movement spearheaded by Oromo youth, more than five-thousand of whom were slain by Ethiopian security forces for daring to ask that their rights be respected. Abiy Ahmed’s government promised change and yet, tragically, it has instead wasted all the goodwill afforded to it by the people by choosing to prolong its time in power by any means necessary, including committing the very same mass human rights abuses that the previous regime was responsible for.

These human rights abuses have been occurring for the last two years and have been well documented by organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. However, for most of the world, it is the horrific events of the last month that exposed just how little has changed in Ethiopia in respect to the barbaric conduct of security forces, the clear bias of the justice system, and the government’s tendency to deny all wrongdoing in the face of indisputable evidence. Its misgovernance has led to immense suffering across the country.

The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), as stated in our May 30th, 2020 Statement, is engaged in continued armed struggle precisely to end the cycle of dictatorship that has plagued Oromia and Ethiopia for much too long. We observed from our early dealings with Abiy Ahmed’s regime that little had changed in regards to the government’s lack of commitment to the democratic principles enshrined in the country’s constitution.

Instead, Abiy Ahmed’s government showed itself to be particularly skillful in maintaining a positive public image through the use of a public relations network that was able to prop the Prime Minister, whose forces are responsible for a litany of human rights abuses, as someone deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Today, Abiy Ahmed has used the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to indefinitely postpone the much anticipated general elections, a transparently unconstitutional act. It is worth noting that the regime has never won a single free and fair election and, hence, even its current mandate to rule is questionable.

However, upon the advent of October 10th, 2020, it will lose all legitimacy as the Parliament’s constitutionally allotted term will end. It is in regards to this that the OLA would like to bring to the attention of international community the following critical issues:

  1. As Abiy Ahmed’s regime will lose legal mandate on October 10th, 2020, in accordance to the country’s constitution, it will no longer have the authority to approve or receive any loan, grant, or credit from multinational financial institutions such as the World Bank, the AfDB, European Investment bank, etc. or from other governments. Any entity that does engage in a financial agreement with Abiy Ahmed’s regime after October 10th, 2020, must understand that the people will be legally absolved of any liability regarding the repayment of any loan or credit.Moreover, we have legitimate concerns that the regime will use these financial resources to stifle democratic dispensations and support its massive army and security apparatus. Therefore, we strongly advise that financial institutions closely monitor the disbursement of existing loans and credits to ensure that they are used for the intended purposes as per the financing agreement signed between them and the Ethiopian government.
  2. For the same reason stated above, we would like to warn local and foreign investors that any investment deal reached with Abiy Ahmed’s regime after October 10th, 2020, in particular those involving land transactions, will be illegal.
  3. We advise that any humanitarian assistance, be it financial or material, should be handled by credible local and international NGOs and not through the government apparatus. We have reason to believe these resources will not reach the intended segment of the population if left to government institutions.
  4. Lastly, as it is clear that the security situation of Oromia and the country as a whole will most likely further deteriorate, we strongly advise foreign nationals to refrain from traveling to Ethiopia as the soon to be illegitimate regime of Abiy Ahmed will not be able to guarantee the security of foreign nationals. Therefore, travel to Ethiopia should be very selective.

The OLA will continue in its efforts to secure peace, safety, and constitutional rule for the Oromo people and the other nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. As we have stated before, and as time has proven repeatedly, the Ethiopian government’s various political negotiations and deals that purposefully exclude the OLA have only resulted in complete failures that have further postponed the attainment of peace and stability in the country.




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