Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) Update

Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) Update


👉July 2nd, 2021
1. Kobara, Mana Sibu district, West Walaga
The Oromo Liberation Army has liberated Kobara after successfully driving out Ethiopian forces in the area.
2. Gaara Wata, Sasiga district, East Walaga
A successful operation by the Oromo Liberation Army has resulted in significant numbers of enemy combatants being killed and injured.
👉July 3rd, 2021
3. Haro Limmu district, East Walaga
A joint-operation between Oromo Liberation Army regulars and the OLA’s Urjii Lola commando unit resulted in over 80 of the remaining Ethiopian forces being killed and several more being injured.
4. Dallati, Nunu Kumba district, East Walaga
A two-day operation by the OLA’s Cibra Shanan Gibe brigade resulted in 27 enemy combatants being killed and 18 being injured. 96 AKM rifles were also captured.
👉July 4th, 2021
5. Gaara Abba Seena, Gimbi district, West Walaga
A joint-operation by the OLA’s Bitinessa Dina, Mancasa Gabruma, and Wirtu Gadaa commando units resulted in over 48 enemy combatants being killed, several more being injured, and 4 being captured. Over 50 rifles were captured.
6. Talamso Dembi, Qiltu Kara district, West Walaga
An Ethiopian military convoy attempting to patrol the area was attacked by the Oromo Liberation Army resulting in 7 enemy combatants being killed and 4 being injured.

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