Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)

OLFIt is with these three letters that an entire universe of Oromummaa is revived. Through this concept, the idea is planted in millions of Oromians minds that once we are LIBERATED, our lives will be grand, everything will be back to the future, and we will finally arrive at the right destination.

But of course, we all know Liberation struggles are complicated. As human beings, most of us yearn for fulfilling our personal life first, as they are an integral part of life’s journey.

As such, some of us require unlimited time to learn what it means to be an Oromo in empire Ethiopia, while others quickly understood that Minilik’s empire has always been a bed of thorn for tens of millions of Oromians.

As an unstable entity, empire Ethiopia has taken so many groups through different life’s routs; some have gone from sublime ecstasy to the deepest despair. Quite a few were lifted to great heights of power and fame and were dropped suddenly into a pit filled with fear, grief, confusion, and judgment. That was the history of Haile-silase, Dargu and the TPLF teams with Abiy’s group to follow.

Ethiopia as an empire began as social engineering focused on building Amharaness (Amaarummaa) and destroy Oromoness (Oromummaa). In this process, tens of thousands of Oromians had/have distinct roles.

Those who have been idealizing Ethiyophiyaawinet (Itophiyummaa) condemned those who promoted the objective of the OLF thinking that being an Oromo is inherently defective. They were stereotypical and unfair to those who upheld their Oromoness (Oromummaa).

They denied the fact that the Oromo people were forced to conceal their ancestral wisdom and maintained their existence in obscurity. Minilik’s conquest coupled with rampant misuse of the Orthodox church power shielded them from having knowledge about the Oromo plight. These men and women unwisely misused the fake story of the empire’s millennial existence for personal gain.

Fortunately, the esoteric Oromummaa was embodied and passed on through generations by different lineages survived albeit it was veiled.

Thanks to the OLF, came an age of the return of Oromummaa, which its knowledge arises from the essential unity of truly embracing the spirit and Oromo way of life distinguished by the ready accessibility of unity and dignity.

Today, as we entered a whole new world of political reality, those who never appreciated the beauty of Oromummaa suddenly jumped into this vast political frontier and wish to bring their own rules of “no rule” and claim that the OLF must follow their guidance and reflect the Ethiyophiyaawinet behavior.

These individuals believe that they don’t have to follow the OLF organizational policies and procedures because their incredible political mythologies will magically drag us out of weakness and help us attain our expectations.

In order for them to help us reach there, they demand our agreement with them only to find that when the spark of question dissipates, they get bogged down and play out the Abyssinian political tradition of insulting those with different views.

Because they live in a fantasy world of Ethiopianism, everything they know must be true and accepted even when they have no idea who they really are. They carry these fantasies in their minds that they don’t know how to share with anyone else. They have no idea what is inside their mind.

Since they have no idea about the painful journey through which the OLF traveled to get here, they render no respect for OLF’s structure and internal policies.

Because they don’t respect the lives that perished, they see one of the OLF wings known as OLA as a separate entity that they can use for their political gambling.

They feel that the OLF leaders are not good enough to lead OLA and even deny that the OLA that was organized and trained by the OLF has surrendered to the Amhara government led by Abiy Ahmed. Nonetheless, they can’t deny the fact that OLA’s commanders such as Golicha Dheengee, Marroo Kumsa, Sanyii, Gabise, Gammee, Jirenyaa, and thousands of others were trained by the OLF a decade ago.

How can they know the truth when they don’t respect themselves? Their anger and self-pity come from disrespecting themselves and others. They are ruthless and have no compassion for the truth.

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  1. I have a couple of questions for the writer of the above write-up.

    I’m one of the enthusiastic supporter of WBO and its leader’s leadership in our anti-colonial struggle. I’m immensely grateful to everyone who positively contributed to build and raise WBO’s capabilities. I strongly believe that we as a colonized people will only be liberated by armed struggle as I do not know any colonized country that is liberated without an armed struggle. To my knowledge OLF has declared and signed an agreement with our colonizers to end its armed struggle and has demobilized most of its fighters and some of these demobilized liberation fighters were killed by the colonial security forces. My question is how would OLF leaders who unanimously disbanded OLA and settled in Finfinne be able to lead those who resisted their order to give up arms to the colonial power, specially when a group of OLF leaders led by the second man in the OLF denounced armed struggle? I have also heard Jaal Dawud announcing that his office and all his contacts are closely watched by Ethiopia and that he does not inquire about WBO to protect OLF from being linked to WBO. Isn’t it natural then to let WBO lead the armed struggle independently without risking Jaal Dawud’s life, the OLF, and the continuation of the armed struggle itself? I genuinely believe that Jaal Dawud has done all what he can to Oromia and would be the happies man ever in the world to see his disciples lead WBO to the successful liberation of Oromia from the yoke of unparalleled colonial subjugation in the history of mankind.

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