Oromo say NO to Addis Ababa Master Plan 2.0!

Oromo say NO to Addis Ababa Master Plan 2.0!

By Abba Orma (PhD), March 8, 2019

Oromo it is in your right to invoke Article 39 and form an independent Oromia before Oromia perishes!

Illegal settlements of Amhara on Oromo farmers land must be confronted by any means!

Many Oromo are wondering if Ginbot 7 is in charge of the country.

Over 50,000 condominium units were built on Koye Feche farmland after evicting Oromo farmers, 25 km outside of Addis Ababa.

Dr. Abiy’s government restarted Addis Ababa Master Plan 2.0 in an astonishing move that some are describing as a political suicide. But many Oromo saw this day coming long ago when the Prime Minster surrounded himself with Ginbot 7, Vision Ethiopia, and Derg officials many of whom are criminals then and criminals now!

Dr. Abiy’s government through its puppets Finfinnee administration approved the settlement of Amhara and Ginbot 7 supporters 25 kilometers deep into Oromia on a land illegally taken from Oromo farmers. What is happening around Finfinnee is also happening elsewhere in Oromia cities. The same is going on around Harar, Dire Dawa, Jimma, Asala, Shashemene, etc.

For more than a century, the Oromo people have been pushed away from their ancestral land for Amhara Nefxanyaa settlement and Orthodox churches. From these settlements the Amhara controlled, impoverished, and enslaved the Oromo people. Today, Dr. Abiy’s EPRDF/OPDO is doing exactly the same genocide on the Oromo people.  After 50 years of Oromo struggle against Amhara/Abyssinian colonialism, after four years of bitter struggle against the racist Addis Ababa Master Plan, after thousands of Qeerroo/Qarree blood spilt, the Oromo people are still pushed aside by Dr. Abiy’s regime and the Amhara Nefxanyaa are put in charge of key positions to decide on the fate of Oromia, the Federal structure, and the constitution itself. Meles Zenawi annexed the surrounding Oromo towns into Finfinnee with a stroke of pen with impunity from the Oromia state. OPDO should have been filing motions to reclaim our lost cities and territories to Meles’ pen.

TPLF used Oromia State and OPDO to control Oromo land and to facilitate exploitation and settlement of Tigray in Oromia. Now Ginbot 7 and Amhara Nefxanyaa are controlling OPDO to do the same.

Finfinnee has always served the Neftanyaa as a center from where they controlled the rest of Oromia and from where they spread their venom against the Oromo people. TPLF’s demise came as a result of the infamous Addis Ababa Master plan. With the blood of Qeerro/Qarree, the Oromo people not only defeated the Addis Ababa Master Plan but also the regime itself. Unfortunately, the revolution is hijacked by the same people and Addis Ababa Master Plan 2.0 is back on the agenda. This one too will be defeated by the Oromo people and with the defeat of Addis Ababa Master Plan 2.0, the Oromo people will regain their revolution and bring true change.

Qerroo:  Your sisters and brothers did not die so that OPDO builds new Nefxagnaa settlements on your parents’ farm and turn them into beggars.

Qeerroo: This is your revolution. This is your country. These are your people. OPDO is conspiring to turn the Oromo people into Palestine. Settlement in the 21 century is in full gear in your backyard to turn you into outsider. The Nefxagna are calling you invaders. They are telling you that you are foreigners. They are renaming Finfinnee to “Barara” just like their forefathers named Finfinnee to “Addis Ababa”, Adama to “Nazaret”, Bishoftu to “Debrezeit” to deny your existence.

This shameful OPDO are waging war on your brothers and sisters, the WBO. When they failed, they tried to charm them through their disgraceful puppets like Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba. When that failed too, now they are now intensifying the war on the Oromo people.

They claimed victory by turning in 750, most of whom are people they trained under the command of Hailu Gonfa to rob banks, to rape woman, and abuse Oromo in the name of WBO. Now they are emboldened by your silence and started settling your enemy in your backyard.

The choice could not be any clearer. Support WBO as you have been doing to liberate your country from the invaders. Invoke Article 39. Then, form union with peoples that have the same ambition like yours who have been marginalized, pushed and used as a fodder to Nefxanyaa supremacy any one that respects you!

Those in the police and federal armed forces, history will not be silent on you if you don’t stand with your people, your brothers in WBO and defend your people from the invaders and settlers!

Finally, I would like to remind Qeerroo how we got here.  

The first unit of the OLF guerrilla fighters led by Elemo Qilixxu launched an armed struggle in the highlands of Charchar, Estern Oromia. Since that day the Oromo have never put arms to date. Their enemy is inequality, injustice, and serfdom.

On April 15, 1980, a ten-member high-ranking military and political delegates of the OLF were on their way to Somalia to meet with political leaders there when they were captured by Somali bandits in Shinniga desert (in Ogaden). These bandits were members of a splinter group from the Siad Barre army that harbored bitter hatred towards Oromo and the OLF. These bandits abused and severely tortured their Oromo captives. The bandits finally ordered the Muslims and Christians to segregate before their executions. The Oromo comrades chose to stay together and face any eventualities than identifying themselves as nothing else, but Oromo. On the day of April 15, 1980, all the ten were executed and their bodies thrown into a single grave.

A lesson from the ten heroes who choose to identify themselves as nothing but Oromo and die together is what ties all Oromo together regardless of religion and region. One would think they should have separated and at least the Muslim commanders could have survived to continue the struggle. But their genius was that the long-term damage it does to the struggle and to you, the future WBO and Qeerroo will be much worse than the short-term hickup and they decided to die together!!  Our enemies used our diversity to divide and rule our people. Today is no different, Dr. Abiy and OPDO is dividing our people to kill aspirations of our people that spans over a century.  Qeerroo/Qarree and the Oromo people should be guided by the example set by these 10 heroes and stand with WBO as ONE PEOPLE to finish the march started by Elemo Qilxuu who led the first unit of the OLF guerrilla fighters in the highlands of Charchar, Estern Oromia.

Today, once again WBO is under attack by those who would like to destroy Oromummaa and impose draconian Ethiopianism on our people. Unfortunately, those who hijacked the Oromo people’s revolution at last minute in the name of Oromo are driving the Oromo revolution in the direction that takes our people back to the Menelik era. It is upon you to tell then NO and claim it back!

The current political landscape can only be described as worse than any time for the Oromo people if the Oromo people do not recognize the gathering storm and take steps that measures up to the problem!

P.S.: Obbo Leencoo Lata was there when Meles gave away Oromo land to Somali, Benishangul, Afar, Harri, and on and on and ironically, he is there today when OPDO is establishing settlement after settlements. Where is his voice? Where is ODF? Where is his side kick Dima Nago? Where is Kamal Gelchu?

Horaa Bulaa

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