Oromo Scholars and Professionals: Condolence on the muder of Haacaaluu

Condolence of Oromo Scholars and Professionals on the murder of Artist Haacaalu Hundeessaa

garmaamu Haacaaluu

On June 29, 2020 an esteemed Oromo artist, singer, song writer and human rights activist Haacaalu Hundessaa was gunned down in Ethiopia’s capital Finfinnee, just a little after 9:00 PM local time. The cold-blooded murder of Haacaalu immensely saddens Oromo of all ages and backgrounds living in Oromia and the diaspora, and all peace-loving people around the world. In this moment of mammoth sadness and mourning, the Oromo scholars and professionals would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and relatives of Haacaalu, and the Oromo public in general.

We believe that Haacaalu’s murder, while being attributed to unknown assailants by the current regime in Ethiopia, is perpetrated by a system that attempts to muzzle dissent and free speech. It is an open secret that the current rulers have, time and again, publicly stated their desire to crush Oromummaa Oromo nationalism that underpins the Oromo identity, and the very message that Haacaalu Hundeessaa’s songs distinguish as non-negotiable. In this sense, we feel the pain of Haacaalu’s family and relatives, and we mourn with the Oromo public.

Given the number of high-profile political murders that were promised full investigation but are left in hanging, we place little hope that the real murderers of Haacaalu will be brought to justice. Yet, we condemn the assassination of the artist in the strongest possible terms, and demand that an independent inquiry commission be established expeditiously and bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice.

We pray to The Almighty to rest Haacaalu’s soul in peace, and give the strength for his family and relatives, as well as to all the lovers and admirers of this great artist.  We tell with confidence that Haacaalu’s life will not be lost in vain; his art and passion for his people will remain with us for generations to come, as a moving reminder of the cause he and his likes have died for.

Oromo Scholars and Professionals in Diaspora

Adugna Birhanu (Ph.D) Dessalegn Negeri (Ph.D) Moa Apagodu (Ph.D)
Alemayehu Biru (Ph.D) Desta Yebassa (Ph.D) Mohammed Hassan (Ph.D)
Alemayehu Kumsa (Ph.D) Galaana Balcha (MD) Mosisa Aga (Ph.D)
Amanuel Gobena (Ph.D) Gizachew Tesso (Ph.D) Namara Garbaba (Ph.D)
Asefa Jalata (Ph.D) Gobena Huluka (Ph.D) Oli Bachie (Ph.D)
Asfaw Beyene (Ph.D) Guluma Gemeda (Ph.D) Rundassa Eshete (Ph.D)
Ayana Gobena (Ph.D) Habtalem Kenea (Ph.D) Samuel Geleta (Ph.D)
Bahiru Duguma (Ph.D) Haile Hirpa (Ph.D) Solomon Geleta (Ph.D)
Baro Deressa (MD) Hambisa Belina (Ph.D) Teferi Margo (Ph.D)
Bedassa Tadesse (Ph.D) Ibrahim Elemo (Ph.D) Tekleab Shibru (Ph.D)
Begna Dugassa (Ph.D) Iddoosaa Ejeta (Ph.D) Tesfaye Negeri (Ph.D)
Bekele Temesgen (Ph.D) Ismael Abdullahi (Ph.D) Tesfaye Tesso (Ph.D)
Benti Getahun (Ph.D) Jamal Ebrahim (MD) Thomas Baisa (MD)
Benti Ujulu Tesso (Ph.D) Jemal Hebano (PharmD) Tolawak Beyene (MD)
Berhanu Kedida (MD) Jenberu Feyisa (Ph.D) Workineh Torben (Ph.D)
Bersisa Berri (Ph.D) Junaidi Ahmed (MD) Worku Burayu (Ph.D)
Bichaka Fayissa (Ph.D) Koste Abdissa (Ph.D)
Daniel Ayana (Ph.D) Mekbib Gebeyehu (Ph.D)
Degefa Abdissa Ph.D) Mekuria Bulcha (Ph.D)

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  1. With Exceptionally High Respect for You All: Sorry, Oromo Scholars and Professionals!

    Haacaaluu Hundeessaa cannot rest in peace until the Great Oromo People act in unison and free themselves. Or-O-Mo, scholars and professionals, being lay back and waiting for the Almighty to grant us our freedom has only cost us our leaders and bright children. Haacaaluu’s soul is still around to haunt us all to rise up and free ourselves from the extremely savage and deadly regime which has been in operation in Ethiopia for more than a century and half.

    My Humble Message

    1. To the esteemed Oromo scholars and professionals:
    Please, go a bit ahead and find individuals with leadership qualities among yourselves and try to lead the Oromo struggle for the just cause. We cannot afford on and off protests; something strong and lasting must come out of the continued tragedies befallen our people. Walk into your “fear bubbles” and dare to go as far as constituting/founding The Government of Oromia in exile in order to coordinate our struggles for freedom and justice, effectively. Since the Oromo people have faced existential threat, mild disappointments and usual press releases alone cannot address the gravity of the situations. The great Oromo people are yearning for great leaders who can involve themselves intellectually as well as emotionally and guide them through the treacherous political, socioeconomic and humanitarian crisis the Ethiopian régimes have imposed on them. Ps, leadership is essential!

    2. To the great Oromo people, qeerroo and qarree:
    I believe that, through your hitter struggles with irresponsible and oppressive successive Ethiopian government tyrannies and the uncivilized ruthless naftagna and neo-naftagna gangsters, you have created many Haacaaluus who have understood the enormity of the just cause of the Oromo people. Indeed, Haacaaluu and other Oromo martyrs have set the bar high with their high level understanding of the Oromo truth as well as the wobbly falsehood the naftagna system of Ethiopia has been built on. High level understanding of the truth made Haacaaluu Hundeessaa and our other fallen heroes and heroines to be determined to give their people the best of themselves. Now, the soul of Haacaaluu and other Oromo martyrs are smiling down on you, whispering, “rise up in unison and free yourselves; promote capable leaders among yourselves; meticulously workout how to read each other and coordinate your struggles; be extremely vigilant and defend yourselves, your families and your people whilst working hard to free yourselves; your future and the destiny of your people is in your hands”.

    Thus, Oromo, ask yourselves why you need to sweat to feed the naftagna and neo-naftagna in Oromia and beyond with your hard earned produces whilst you are entitled to use your material and human resources to free yourselves. Remember: The current act of the neo-naftagna and their regime did not end with assassinating Haacaaluu Hundeessaa. Abiy Ahmed’s neo-naftagna regime has shown its extreme ruthlessness and its naftagna disregard for the Oromo people by humiliating and incarcerating Oromo politicians and journalists, including Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Garba with his family. What else are you waiting for? I believe that independence is your only option,.Or-o-mo. Do understand that you have immense power and potential to free yourselves and bring peace and stability to Oromia and the entire Horn of Africa. Never say “good bye” to Haacaaluu Hundeessaa and go home. Take your right to be free people to its highest level; forget naftagna narratives and regain your undeniable greatness.

    “No one can ride on the back of a man unless it is bent”!
    “In politics, being deceived is no excuse”!

    Oromia shall be free!

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