Oromo Voice Radio (OVR) Broadcasts- 20 June 2018

Oromo Voice Radio (OVR) Broadcasts- 20 June 2018

Kun tamsaasa RSO Wiixata, Roobii fi Sambata karaa dambalii gabaabaa meetrebandii 16 ykn kiiloherzii 17850 Oromiyaatti darbuu dha.
Oromo Voice Radio (OVR) broadcasts to Oromia on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:00 PM Finfinnee time at 16 MB or 17850 kHz.

Keraj Leggese is an Ethiopian born singer from the region of Oromiya who currently resides in Norway. Her Music is a reflection of her people’s hopes, dreams and aspirations. Keraj uses her music as a tool for upliftment and she appears as a positive reflection despite her people’s political and social situation. She believes in motivating, encouraging and inspiring youth from her community using positive music. “Hangam Dheeratullee” is a song of hope, motivation, inspiration and a better tomorrow.

The word ‘Waaqeffannaa’ comes from the Afaan Oromoo root ‘Waaqaa’ and ‘Aanfannaa’, which means God and be loyal to His law which is the source of peace ; a practising Waaqeffataa/ttuu strives to submit wholeheartedly to Waaqaa, thereby achieving peace in this life and the Next. Submitting to Waaqaa’s will does not mean that a person need no longer think, or that he must give up his free will to choose; rather, like a law-abiding citizen, a person who observes Waaqaa’s commands benefits himself and others by respecting Seemaa Divine laws and using his freedom wisely. The Waaqeffannaa concept of submission to Waaqaa’s law and order is thus an active one; a Waaqeffataa/ttuu struggles to increase his knowledge, develop his character, and do what is right to the best of his ability – after which he accepts that the outcome of his affairs is ultimately in Waaqaa’s hands.

Waaqeffannaa (amantiin Oromoo) fi aadaan Oromoo adda bahanii hin ilaalaman. Waaqeffannaan Aadaa jala jira. Akkuma amantiileen gara garaa aadaa biyya itti tolfamaniitiin maramanii deeman, Waaqeffannaan aadaa Oromootiin maramee deema.

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