OSG Report 54; and OMRHO e.V. Report on Ethiopian government extreme violence

OSG Report 54: The Ethiopian government is using extreme violence to force a unitary state on an unwilling population.

There seems to be a pattern to all this. It is very worrying.
Teshale Abera, former President of Oromia Region Supreme Court, November 2020.

Despite severe restrictions on the flow of information from Ethiopia OSG continues to record a relentless rise in the death toll as the government stifles all aspirations for selfdetermination for the peoples of Ethiopia.
Particularly large numbers have been killed in Western Oromia, especially in Wallega, where another 92 killings of Oromo have been added to the 350 recorded previously since October 2018. Of these 92, 54 died before mid-2019 and 38 in 2020. An additional 60 Amhara settlers died by government hands in Guliso on 1 November. Government forces have been responsible for at least 442 civilian deaths in Western Oromia, 340 in 2020 alone.

The names of another 42 killed within days of Hachalu Hundessa’s assassination on 29 June are recorded (all except 6 in Central Oromia) and added to the 42 already named as being killed in Report 53.

OSG has now documented 505 killings in 2019, including 100 Qimant in Amhara Region and 150 Sidama in SNNPR. Up to publication, OSG has recorded 777 killings in 2020, including 58 Walaita in SNNPR and 60 Amhara in Oromia Region. Those civilians killed in the war in Tigray have not been included in this total or in this report.

A most worrying development is the increase in reports of detainees being taken from police custody and summarily executed. At least ten of the killings by security forces recorded in this report occurred in custody or when detainees were removed from custody by soldiers.

Another significant development is the arrest of Oromo who are prominent in development, finance, the Oromo Relief Association and the Human Rights League for the Horn of Africa.

No longer are government forces restricting arrests to political activists and journalists. Just as in 1992/3, any prominent Oromo in any sphere is at risk of arrest or killing.

In this report, another 208 killings by government forces are recorded, making the total, despite poor access to information, of over 1,342 killings of civilians by Ethiopian government forces since October 2018.

For PDF format of the OSG 54 Report: report-54

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1. Overview

Human Rights Abuses Committed by the Ethiopian Army and the so called ‘’Oromia Special Forces’’ in Different Parts of Oromia and Ethiopia

OMRHO e.V. Presents the state of Human Rightsviolations in Ethiopia since the incumbent group

came to power. To enable the reader to comprehend the extent of brutality committed on the people by the Ethiopian Government, OMRHO e.V. tries to show the diverse methods of inhumanity exercised on the people. The atrocity encompasses extra-judicial killings, mass detentions, torture, arrest of members and supporters of Oromo political parties, without court warrants and etc.

This Report claims by no means a complete coverage of Human Rights abuses in the Empire as:

  • people are detained in military camps and in hidden places as opposed to official prisons,
  • arrests and detentions are arbitrary and without court warrants,
  • the relatives of the imprisoned get no information where the victims are.
  • Those who who ask whereabout of prisoner face dangers of arbitrary arrests, abuses etc.
  • Lack of access and capacity to cover comprehensively.

For the sake of technical ease, OMRHO e.V. structures the report so as to make the atrocity as well the spatial distribution comprehendible.

For PDF format of OMRHO e.V.

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