Our enemy is humiliated; we should focus on strengthening OLA

By Taha Roba, June 29, 2021

Kayyoo guddaa fageenyii hin daangesine..  Milkaayaa bobbaa milkii

While enjoying the humiliation of the enemy forces, we, Oromo, should focus on how we move forward. That should be our homework either as a group or as an individual.

On the contrary, there is no as such as Tigray independent country because without American/CIA supports TPLF will not apprehend over 9,000 Abiy forces within three days, and they will capture Mekele as fast as a blink of eyes, so the US government will not allow a Tigray to becomes a county even if the TPLF wishes. So I do not think that the TPLF would end up like Somaliland.

Also, the US foreign policy convinced that Abiy and Amhara would destroy a current Ethiopian map to hurt American’s interests in the region, so they decided to decapitate their powers.

Likewise, I think the American’s overall goal is to strip China’s influence on Africans, including Russia. Thus, Abiy creates a chance for them by trying to consolidate power among Amharas.

Similarly, based on what I read and comprehended, the US government wants to commit to paralyze Afwerki’s power for two reasons:
1. Mr. Afwerki prevents a mega Pentecostal church in Eritrea, Penxe is one of the Evangelical groups, unique they are a backbone of Republican party, so they have stronger lobbyists to empower wherever their groups are;
2. Because Mr. Afwerki is an old but experienced dictator, he might harm American interests. Religion is an excellent tool for a politician, so I think that the CIA might send their Evangelical pastor everywhere to mold any country into their favor by using their God personal.

Last but not least, we, Oromo, should line up shoulders to shoulders with WBO because that will empower us to have a commanding power in favor of Oromo and Oromia. Make no mistake, as long as WBO in the Oromia mountains and the Oromo people have hope and breathing room to negotiate a better outcome for Oromia’s interest.

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