Our family is saddened by the passing away of a great person, Legesse Tessema

Our family is saddened by the passing away of a great person, Legesse Tessema

We have lost one of the most impactful pillars on October 1st, 2020, after suffering of an incurable illness.
Legesse Tessema
Legesse Tessema Tufa was born on June 12, 1952 in Metarobi (Minare), Oromia from Tessema Tufa Nagawo and Mitike Beyene Birru. As most Oromo kids he attended school at a late age of 15 with his own effort without family guidance, while going through hardships in Finfinne. After completing the 12th grade, Legesse succeeded to join John F. Kennedy Library staff at Addis Ababa University and worked for many years while simultaneously furthering his studies. He was known by faculties’ students and teachers whom he served with a great educational resource. He was loved and admired.
As an eldest son, Legesse took  responsibilities over his siblings. Legesse was extremely selfless; he prioritized his siblings’ protection, education and well-being over his personal life.
In 1984, Legesse was awarded a scholarship in the USA at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, where he graduated with his BA and moved to DC Area.
Legesse continued with his education at Howard University in Washington, DC and graduated with his MA. He, then enrolled into doctoral courses.
Legesse joined the Library of Congress where he worked for 19 years, but unfortunately had to discontinue due to health reasons in 2016. He lived in Takoma Park, Maryland for over 25 years.
Legesse was a member and supporter of Oromo Community Organization in the DC Metro Area. He was a long time member of OSA. He was a supporter and contributor to the Oromo struggle in general, where he dreamed to see a free Oromia.
Legesse’s health condition was an ongoing struggle but he was under the care of different medical specialties. Unfortunately, the illness continued to worsen. His wish was to go back to his beloved Oromia where he would be reunited with his family. He was with his family in Finfinne until his last days.
Legesse passed away on October 1, 2020 at home with the presence of families and friends. He survived by a son, four sisters, a brother, three grand children and many more extended families.
Rest in Peace

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