Personal vendetta, cowardly acts, and the TPLF victory

Personal vendetta, cowardly acts, and the TPLF victory

Rundassa Asheetee Hundee, July 10. 2021
Lencho Galaasa
Lenco Lata vowed to destroy Dawud Ibsa, and also encouraged his followers to do the same because Dawud won’t go along with his Ethiopianist ideals. Galasa Dilbo, Kamal Galchu, Hailu Gonfa, Jula, Dima Nogo, and many others saw differences of opinion or free thought as a rejection, thus they went after each other’s throats.

Likewise, Abiy Ahmed felt that Diima Nogo won’t fit into his Ethiopianist norm and prohibited him from winning the fake election in his own birthplace, Iluu Abbaa Booraa. This is what makes the political culture of empire Ethiopia intricate and layered with multiple storylines that ultimately made the so-called Amharas masters of manipulation and distortion.

Isayas Afawarqi’s vendetta against the TPLF apparatus contains similar themes making the old empire of Ethiopia’s political culture sophisticated and complex. This challenging political culture became a major obstacle to the progress of the empire’s economy and the day-to-day lives of the society at large.

Because of the overlapping of time and place, people who never met or knew one another kill each other as seen in a war between the Eritreans and the Tigreans. Similarly, the 9,000 soldiers who surrendered to the Tigray Defense Force (TDF), leaving behind several long-range rocket missiles and Zoo 34s never crossed paths with the Tigre people except they knew “Ethiopia” metaphorically. There is nothing that interlocks these ethnic groups either.

Meantime, each ethnic group is doing what freedom-loving humans have done for centuries when life became untenable under tyranny rule.

What the Eritreans did in the 80s when the evil rulers of Ethiopia violated their rights, what the Tigreans did when Ethiopia’s rulers disrespected them, what the Oromians did during the spread of Amhara Nazism binds our stories together reluctant yet hopeful to be completely free from the Ethiopianism tyranny.

The phenomenon of today’s liberation struggle in empire Ethiopia and the liberation war currents that would soon intersect in Finfinnee will eliminate the Amhara metaphoric superiority which will be resulted in their permanent isolation.

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