Petition to restore internet in Ethiopia

Petition to restore internet in Ethiopia


Stop Government Killing in Ethiopia by Restoring Internet

Ethiopia is under a country wide blackout.

Just over 24 hours ago, the Ethiopian government cut off internet access to its 110 million citizens after nationwide protests erupted following the killing of Hachalu Hundessa.

The widely beloved Oromo musician and activist was shot dead less than a week after critically commenting on the Ethiopian government in an interview that aired nationwide.

Shortly after the news of his death, massive protests erupted across the country to which the government responded with more violence.

Numerous local journalists have been imprisoned and mass killings have already begun. In less than 24 hours over 160 deaths have unofficially been confirmed across the regional state of Oromia – while the actual number is believed to be much larger than that.

The Ethiopian government’s internet shutdown is intentionally designed to restrict access to news and information for its citizens as well as to escape the scrutiny of international media attention.

Ethiopia is in the midst of a crisis unlike we’ve seen in recent years. The death tolls are rapidly increasing and many more human rights violations are not being publicized. If international pressure is not applied, the country is at risk of further descending into a humanitarian crisis.

The Ethiopian government’s actions to shutdown internet during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, further speaks to the willful neglect of the health and safety of its own people.

Ethiopia needs to know the world is watching. Avoiding to act will have devastating consequences for an entire nation.

Action begins with the restoration of internet in Ethiopia.


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  1. I blame UN who keeps arming EPRDF for this violation of human rights. Hachalu wouldn’t even have to struggle so hard if UN didn’t fund , arm or train TPLF-the terrorist group despite the continuous outcries from Ethiopian majority ethnicities who suffer ethnic genicidal rule under EPRDF until now .

    Currently it seems like the Balderas & Amara National Movement (ANM) are siding with EPRDFites (PP& TPLF) and against Hachalu’s supporters.
    PP/TPLF (EPRDF) has successfully created divisions between Fano and Querro .

    Now UNSC is saying there is a dispute about GERD between Ethiopia , Sudan and Egypt. This word “Dispute” needs to be clarified. What kind of dispute UNSC is talking about needs to be clarified. There is no dispute.Ethiopia did not go build the dam in Sudan’s territory or in Egypt’s territory , GERD is in Ethiopia’s territory. Ethiopian delegates need to calmly take their time and tell the UNSC to clarify this word “dispute” right now, before these talks go any further. Ethiopia’s delegates should not just accept any label or any word UNSC throws , object the word dispute before another word gets thrown. I cannot go into another woman’s home and start a dispute over her husband. If I did start a dispute I am sure I would be asked what is the basis for my dispute , did the husband had an affair with me? Am I his mistress or what?
    Menilik signed because he was forced to sign. He was made to sign whatever he signed without his will. That needs to be clarified. That treaty 99% of Ethiopians did not know it was signed at the time or have not been made aware of it. It still sounds like a fairy tale for the majority .
    Ethiopia got a right to build a wall in its territory whether it is in it’s water or on Ethiopia’s land, Ethiopia got full right to build a wall wherever Ethiopia wants in the territory of Ethiopia. UNSC got no right to label Ethiopia to be in a dispute , disputes are when both countries got common entitlement over where the dam is being built. For that matter Abraham Lincoln promised forty acres and a mule in a treaty to all African American blacks , that did not happen. You don’t see UNSC calling the fact African Americans did not get their forty acres and a mule a dispute.We didn’t hear the ethnic apartheid within Ethiopia being labeled as a dispute by UNSC which is costing lives left and right in Ethiopia for decades until now. For three decades UNSC pressured Ethiopia to follow ethnic apartheid, UNSC approved the arming to his teeth of a one ethnic dominated military to commit genocide against its own people within the country and neighborhood coutries , that was not called a dispute by UNSC .

    UNSC cannot pressure us Ethiopians, currently Ethiopia is at the lowest in any measure of human development Index because of UNSC hired mercinaries called TPLF, there is no way but up for Ethiopians from now on , we cannot go any lower , we are desperate now and we won’t allow UNSC to label Ethiopia anymore, we know where we are and we know where we are heading, if UNSC wants to label anything UNSC can label itself the entity who armed TPLF to kill Ethiopians by TPLF commiting crimes against humanities by getting constant support to strengthen the power of TPLF kept arriving from the west despite outcries Ethiopians kept sounding since the past millennium with the West given mg deaf ear to the people of Ethiopia keeping arming EPRDF (PP&TPLF).

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