PM Abiy Ahmed is fleeing the country

Reports coming from Ethiopia indicate that Abiy Ahmed is fleeing the country, as early as tomorrow. His wife and children were seen at the Bole International Airport, today, when boarding a plane set to Israel, but their destination is unknown. On the other hand, Abiy Ahmed is also leaving the country in the name of paying a visit to Turkey. Possible destination of both flights is, likely, Dubai, where Abiy Ahmed purchased a real estate.

In the mean time, US President special envoy, Jeffrey Feltman, arrived in Addis Ababa to discuss how to end the war between the Abiy regime, on one hand, and OLA and TDF, on the other hand.  While OLA controls large swath of land in Oromia, the TPLF occupied large area of Amhara region after taking back Tigray region.


# Amazing_News : Giifti Dureen Zinnaash Ijoollee Ishee guurtee Finfinnee gadi dhiiftee akka baate Imalte warri International Airport Finfinnee booleetti ijaan argan nu mirkaneessaniiru! Dhiiroo Imala moo baqachuufi laata..? Imala erga ta’ee Ijoollee guuruu maaltu fide..? Biyya itti imalte ammaaf adda hin baafne akkuma arganneen isiniif qoonna..

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