PP and mutagenic servants face nuclear bomb of the Oromo people

PP and mutagenic servants face nuclear bomb of the Oromo people

By Dr. B. K. DERESSA, December 30, 2020

PP mutagenic servants

Nowadays we, the Oromo and other oppressed nations are unable to protect our children, our women (the backbone of our society), our elderly from rapist Prosperity Party (PP) para commando, butcher TPLF polices and merciless PP security agents. At this moment there is no single protective mechanism for the Oromo people. Yes according to the mutagenic servants formula abbagarummaa, gantummaa and gabrummaa will protect them from their boss PP killing machine (that is why they are moving freely in foreign countries and homeland Oromia, that is why they are building houses on the graves of the Oromo heroes, that is why they are doing business regularly for PP, that is why they insulting our vanguard organization OLF and dedicated leaders through their Facebook windows and through mutagenic servants’ controlled media). If you need to know more about mutagenic servant look at my recent article in March 2017.

I have fought our enemies in all corners (west, east, south and in the middle of my beloved country Oromia), now I am fighting with my pen and my voice and I will remain fighting until my last breath to realize my people’s goal (to determine our destination in our home, in our country and live freely and peacefully like other free nations around the globe). The reason I insisted to fight our enemies is because of the powerfulness of the Oromo nation’s nuclear bomb.

There are eight sovereign states that have successfully detonated nuclear weapons. Five of them are considered to be “nuclear-weapon states (NWS)” under the terms of the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT). In order of acquisition of nuclear weapons these are: The United States, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, France, and China.

Since the NPT entered into force in 1970, three states that were not parties to the Treaty have conducted nuclear tests, namely India, Pakistan, and North Korea.

The 9th one and the owner of the powerful nuclear weapons worldwide is the Oromo nation. The Oromo nation has survived the systematic murder, humiliation and eradication of Ethiopian Empire’s ruling elites polices. Now the barbaric neo-Neftegna of the Ethiopian Empire elites (PP) is facing the powerful nuclear weapons of the Oromo nation. That powerful nuclear weapon is called TRUTH (T=Total, R=Revolt, U=Until, T=Transplanting (colonization) and H=Halts).

The gatekeeper and the engineer of the nuclear weapon is OLF. Our enemy PP is well understood about the composition of the reality but declares total war with multiple fronts against the Oromo people and their vanguard organization (OLF).

Front one: facing our dedicated WBO’s power in the bush, facing our galant Qeerro in the heart of our country and facing all nations around Oromia.

Front two: financing and commanding mutagenic servants and opportunistic individuals in the diaspora to destabilize the unity of the Oromo people, to blackmail and insult our dedicated leaders and to devaluate our vanguard organization OLF.

ALBERT EINSTEIN is held up as “a rare genius,” who drastically changed the field of theoretical physics. However, using the technique known as ‘The Often-Repeated Lie=Truth,’ he made an idol to young people, and his very name was synonym with genius. Our enemies are hiding the truth and repeating lies million times (that is the fact nowadays around diaspora through PP mutagenic servants).

Diaspora based mutagenic servants, ask your mind:

After questioning yourself: here is my message for diaspora based mutagenic servants and opportunistic individuals:

  • Ask yourself about your opportunistic view, analyze about your conspirator act and try to come back to the justice camp (sorry to say that because traitors have no brain to think, but they have head with ear on it to listen their boss PP and fill their belly to satisfy their prodigious appetites)
  • Freedom will not come by begging of the enemy or not by being traitors or not by collecting left over. It will come by fierce struggle. The Oromo people are known by their heroism and fighting technics. So, the Oromo people are committed to fight the enemy. But be prepared to save your life and your family life from your barbaric PP polices. The flown blood of our people will judge you eventually.
  • OLF and its leaders are valuable assets for Oromo people. Those leaders gave their entire life for their people and their beloved country Oromia, so stop immediately insulting our dedicated leaders and our vanguard organization. If not, history will remember you
  • Politics is a funny business, and certainly not a good career choice for the thin-skinned. If you want to play in this game you’ve got to be prepared for highly insulting remarks not only about the positions you may hold, but about your personal life as well. Our dedicated leaders and our politicians are ready to die for their people. So, stop transmitting enemy messages. If not, the suffering of our people will confront you.
  • PP is misleading the world leaders (look at Colonel Abiy Nobel Peace Prize) to murder more Oromo, Ogadenis, Sidama, Benishangul, Amhara and Gambella. But you, mutagenic servants, traitors, and collectors of left over and hiding yourself behind the Facebook and insulting our organization OLF and their leaders, who work tirelessly day and night to eradicate the colonization. You are born to be enemy servant, but one day the justice will face you and your boss (PP).

Victory to the Oromo people and other oppressed nations

Dr. B. K. DERESSA, Medical degree in internal medicine, specialized in Gastro-Hepatology diseases.

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