Prime Minister Desalegn Sacked  Ready for a New Sucker

Prime Minister Desalegn Sacked  Ready for a New Sucker

By Yusuf Mohamed, February 21, 2018

Blunt the Oromo popular up rise and protect the thieves. That is a marching order awaiting the new Prime Minister.

It is now more than two years since the popular Oromo up rise began, and the ruling elites in control of Ethiopia have not been able formulate a solution to the range of demands. The Oromo popular movement is now joined by the Amhara and Guraghe people who are also in revolt.

In reacting to the Oromos, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and the Tigrai Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) as the prime ruler of Ethiopia employed a brute force without mercy. It killed and imprisoned many.  Along the way it instigated ethnic conflicts; between the Oromos and the Amharas; between the Oromos and Southern Peoples; and most prominently between the Oromos and Somalis.  They had hoped these conflicts would force the Oromo people to lose focus.  That did not work.

The rebels who twenty seven years ago marched into Addis Ababa and took residency in the state house are now in trouble.  For twenty seven years, they have had the pleasure of robbing. They dispossessed and confiscated from many while enriching themselves, their tribal keens and associates.  Compared to their condition of that day when they marched from the bush to the cities, most of them have done well and are sitting pretty. But they are fearful of losing the immense personal wealth they have come to accumulate through illicit schemes.

This realization of losing it all is most daunting to those who have acquired the most, the TPLF elites.  Prime Minister Desalegn failed to forcefully quell the ongoing popular revolt, the reason why he is unceremoniously forced out.  His handlers concluded Desalegn was unfit for the job.  The EPRDF/TPLF elites want a new dupe to be their Prime Minister.

The biggest challenge awaiting the new Prime Minister is that of the Oromo people and what to do about it. The rulers believe this problem can be best handled by a sucker of an Oromo heritage.  They want an Oromo who can protect them so they can continue to fatten at the expense of the Oromo and the rest of Ethiopian masses.  From the past experiences of other African countries and people, they think they have a path they can follow.  It is a path taken by many African rebels turned statesmen, who while in public office accumulated significant wealth thru dubious schemes and got to keep it.

It is worth mentioning few of the rebel groups or the corrupt luminaries who left their corruption mark, a mark that is still plaguing their people to this day.

President Jomo Kenyata, the first Kenyan president was head of the Mau-Mau rebel movement. As a rebel head during the struggle, he advocated the repossession of the land held by European colonizers and distributing it to native Kenyans. Upon becoming president, he parceled most of the available land to his Kikuyu tribesmen. He also became one of the biggest land holders in Kenya.  When Jomo died in 1978, he was followed by his Vice President, Mr. Daniel Arap-Moi, who made sure Jomo’s loot was protected. Mr. Moi went on doing his own looting from 1978 to 2002.  When he left office with his ill-gained wealth, he was assured protection by the big men who succeeded him.  In 2018, almost sixty years after gaining independence, Kenyans are talking about land, secession and a second independence.  Damn the Kenyan mothers who birthed the suckers who conned them.

Jose Eduardo Dos Santos of Angola became the president of Angola in 1979 following the death Mr.  Mr. Agostinho Neto.  After his rebel MPLA group routed two other rival rebel groups, Dos Santos consolidated his power and positioned his relatives and family members into key positions.  He ruled the country from 1979 to 2017.  When he left office, his daughter, Isabel Dos Santos was one of the richest in Africa.  His son, Jose is in charge of Angola’s Sovereign Wealth Fund.  The current president of Angola, Mr. Joao Laurenco is from the same MPLA rebel group. He will ensure protection for the Dos Santos’ family loot.

Most of Africa’s former rebel groups were not only comrades in arms, but they also became comrades in-theft.  Some rebel groups were just thieves who marched into towns. Few were blackmailed into becoming thieves or into abating theft.  But the damage or the end result of their deeds is the same.

Remember the old Apartheid South African minority regime and the transition period from the minority white rule to the black majority rule? The black native people of southern Africa had endured decades of systemic dispossession and segregation called Apartheid, which came to an end in early 1990s. In late 1980s, as the struggle of the black people intensified, the white minority rulers realized that they could not continue to suppress the black majority population indefinitely and they started to plan for how best to protect their immense wealth and land holdings.

When they started to negotiate about the future course of South Africa with the African National Congress (ANC) lead by Nelson Mandela, the white South Africans primarily wanted a single concession from ANC.  They demanded that the status-quo be maintained and the wealth and land ownership of the whites protected.  Initially, Mandela and his comrades refused to agree to that demand. However, as the pressure on them from foreign powers mounted, the ANC buckled.  ANC was coerced and agreed to the protection as demanded. Nelson Mandela became the President.

Upon seeing their own man ascending to the presidency, the black African masses celebrated.  Or say their African tribal instincts kicked in. A man from the tribe was now the chief of the land and the masses went back happily to their shacks in shanty towns all across South Africa. Over joyed and hallucinated by euphoria, they fell into a deep sleep and went on dreaming of parcels land upon which they could build a home, farm and raise a family.  For most South African’s that is still a dream.

Mr. Mandela was one of the most honorable and honest African men. Unfortunately, the ANC and Mr. Mandela were conned into short selling their own people.  They were suckers who helped blunt the legitimate popular revolt of black South Africans.  They agreed to protect the ill gained wealth and properties claimed by their former rulers.  Today, black South Africans remember very little about what happened in early 1990s.  It looks like they are just awakened from the long slumber by the corruption drama surrounding President Jacob Zuma, who happens to be from Mandela’s ANC party.  The spotlight today is on Mr. Zuma and his cohorts, Africans robbing their own.

The TPLF/EPRDF elites are looking for an Oromo sucker who is willing to con his own people.  They are offering the man the position of the Ethiopian Prime Minster.  But they expect him to abort the aspirations of the Oromo people and provide them protection for their theft. They expect the figurehead Prime Minister, while providing the protection to, to slowly morph into an Oromo Jacob Zuma, a thief.  Will the appointment of an Oromo as a Prime Minister arouse the African tribal instinct in the Oromo or Ethiopian masses? Will the masses hallucinate with euphoria and go back to deep sleep as occurred to many other native African people?  Time will tell.

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