Prime Minister Dr. Abiy betrayed the Oromo people and his legacies

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy betrayed the Oromo people and his legacies.

Via Moa Abagodu

It is time to show him the exit door.

Abiy was a spy for Ginbot 7 (as Andargachew Tsige revealed about a month ago. That is the reason Dr. Birhanu Nega (L) and Andargachew Tsige (R) got special treatment by Abiy Ahmed (M)

For Oromos, Dr. Abiy’s legacies are:

  • Command post and war on Oromo people and Oromummaa
  • More than 3 million Internally Displaced Oromos. 57.5 percent of IDP in Ethiopia are Oromos.
  • Make it unsafe for Oromos in the South and West Oromia to farm so that the entire region is hit by famine.
  • More than 20, 000 Oromos incarcerated and thousands killed by his occupying army.
  • Revive Menelik’s legacy that committed genocide on the Oromo and the South people.
  • Lend his office and the palace to nafxanyaas to insult the great people of Oromo and the South people.
  • Divide the Oromo people and Oromo political organizations as part of his divide and rule policy to advance his Menelikization agenda.
  • Appoint and promote journalists/Medias and politicians that are hostile to the Oromo people and Oromo politicians.
  • Spend millions of dollars on Finfinnee and Menelik’s rotten dining halls when millions of Internally Displaced Oromos are dying for lack of food and medicine.
  • Demote and silence politicians suspected of sympathizing with the Oromo people in his own party and outside his party.
  • Instigate conflicts among peoples and religious groups for his political expedience.
  • His repeated attempt to hand over Finfinnee to nafxanyaas.
  • He plots against Oromo interest with Oromo adversaries in Finfinnee, Bonga, the palace, etc.

He must go!!


  1. we need more evidences on this assertion. Abbyssinan chauvinists are crafted to fabricate lies and use that lie to attack what is Oromo and Oromo interest .

  2. I don’t think Abey changed his stand. He has advocated democracy and equality not only as a solution to the country’s problem but as the only civilized way to go forward. The problem is the me and me alone politicians who could not see beyond themselves. Like it or not we Ethiopians are destined to live or perish together.The anti Abey campaign is aimed at dividing us so that we could perish.

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