Prime Minster Abiy’s Nobel Peace Prize Validates Political Propaganda

Prime Minster Abiy’s Nobel Peace Prize Validates Political Propaganda:
It isn’t about Noble, it isn’t about Peace, it isn’t about Reconciliation.

By Worku Burayu (PhD), January 11, 2020

Summary: Nobel Peace Prize to Abiy is undeserved, premature and politically motivated. Ethiopian Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed is the latest (in 2019) and the quickest (a month after prize), in a long line of Nobel Peace Prize laureates, who waged war against his own citizens with “genocidal intent.” The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to Abiy Ahmed, the planner of the deliberate and systematic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of innocent large group of Oromo people in Western and Southern Oromia. Starting from the killing of Sime Terefe in 2004 in Mekele University by the EPRDF security forces, until today’s killing of Natinael Mengistu (one of the twelve students killed in the last three months alone) in Bule-Hora University by Abiy security forces, the unchanged behavior of Abiy’s administration is not only continued but also worsens, after Abiy awarded the peace prize.

Background: The Nobel Prizes were established by the will of Swedish industrialist and armaments manufacturer Alfred Nobel and are traditionally awarded on anniversary of his death (December 10). The Nobel Peace Prize, one of the five Nobel prizes (Chemistry, Physics, Physiology or Medicine and Literature) has been awarded 100 times to 134 Nobel Laureates between 1901 and 2019, 107 individuals and 27 organizations. The peace prize awards are decided by the Norwegian Parliament. According to the will the Nobel Peace Prize was to be presented “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations and the abolition or reduction of standing armies and the formation and spreading of peace congresses. Each prize consists of a medal, a personal diploma, and a cash award (about $1.1 million). A person or organization awarded the Nobel Prize is called Nobel Laureate. The word “laureate” refers to being signified by the laurel wreath. In ancient Greece, laurel wreaths were awarded to victors as a sign of honor.

Due to its political nature, the Nobel Peace Prize has, for most of its history, been the subject of disputes, even beyond the scholastic community. Criticism against some of the awards include allegations that they were politically motivated, premature, or guided by a faulty definition of what constitutes work for peace. For example, the 2009 prize nominations for Barack Obama had been due by 1 February 2009, only 12 days after Obama took office. The award, given just nine months into Obama’s first term as president, received criticism that it was unwarranted, early and politically motivated. The New York Times called a “stunning surprise” the Obama’s peace prize. Obama himself said that he felt “surprised” by the win and did not consider himself worthy of the award, but nonetheless accepted it. The winner of the 1991 Noble Pace Prize, Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar, is being accused by the UN’s highest court of genocide against Rohingya Muslims is one of the peace prize controversies. According to Yonden Lhatoo (2018) the Nobel Peace Prize now become a total festival, questioning the credibility and importance of the Nobel Peace Prize. There have been other highly undeserving winners over the years, including the prime minister Abiy.

Nobel Peace Prize: It isn’t about Noble or trust. Most peace prizes are worthless, but some are more worthless than others. Ask yourself, what do Abiy Ahmed, Aung San Suu Kyi, Mahatma Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Adolf Hitler have in common? They have all been—once or several times—Nobel Peace Prize nominees. According to the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s own website, Mussolini and Stalin were also nominated for the peace prize. Abiy Ahmed is an unreliable and dishonest individual that you can’t trust who would say something you want to hear before you and do something completely different to fulfill his drives.

Nobel Peace Prize: It isn’t about Reconciliation or Peace. According to the Norwegian Nobel Committee statement the award of the 2019 Peace Prize to Abiy Ahmed was meant to recognize all the stakeholders working for peace and reconciliation in Ethiopia and in the East and Northeast African regions. However, Nobel Peace Prize winner claimed his country was “prepared” if there was a need to go to war with Egypt, just 11 days after winning the Nobel Peace Prize when he addressed members of parliament on Oct. 22, 2019. Likewise, Adolf Hitler, the genocidal architect of the Holocaust was recommended to the Nobel committee in 1939, just three short months before he led Germany to invade Poland and start World War II.

Is Abiy working for peace and reconciliation? He is not a peace maker as the Noble Peace Committee would like us to believe. Peace in a simple term is freedom from disturbance, it is a time without any fights or wars; in a larger sense, it can mean a state of harmony. Do people practice such peace in Ethiopia? Simply no, there has been no internal reconciliation in Ethiopia. A month after peace prize, Abiy has instigated war against his own citizens with genocidal intent. Since Abiy came into power about half of the Oromia Regional State constituency have been under the State of Emergency and The Military Command Post has been ruling almost half of Oromia Regional State. Is that peace? For the last six months alone more than 11 Oromo students of high educations have been killed by the Abiy security forces and related agents such as special police forces on various occasions in the Universities. Significant numbers have been injured; large numbers flee the campuses, hundreds dismissed from schools and Universities. Some are still detained. That is why the prize to Abiy is unwarranted, premature and politically motivated.

Conclusion: In Abiy’s almost two years into office, there’s still no shine of light at the end of the dark tunnel we’re trapped in, each cloud has no silver lining; only deeply divided views as to what or who is wrong. Changing the name of the killing machine, Ethiopia is continuing massacring, harassing and imprisoning its citizens, particularly Oromo youngsters and students of higher education. The Prime Minster Abiy’s Nobel Peace Prize Validates Political Propaganda; it isn’t about noble, it isn’t about peace, it isn’t about reconciliation.

Horaa Bulaa!

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