Prof. Kjetil Tronvoll Talks about Reconfiguration of Ethiopia

Mootummaa Itoopiyaaf gorsan qaba jedha Prof. Kjetil Tronvoll :
Mootummaan Abiy lola waraanaan mo’amuu isaa amanee fudhatee, gadi taa’ee maree hunda hammate adeemsisuu qaba. Mareen biyyoolessaa kun kan ta’uu qabu TPLF woliin qofa osoo hintaane hunda woliin keessumaa dhaabilee Oromoo kan hammatee, hidhamtoota siyaasaa hunda Jawar Mohammad if Baqqalaa Garbaafaa dabalatee hidhaatii baasee woliin taa’ee mari’achuutu isa baasa.” jedha.

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  1. Prof. Kjetil Tronvo is a supporter of TPLF/EPRDF coalition for a long. Therefore, he can not be a solution generator for the Oromo or Ethiopian problem! He is a partisan by siding TPLF and standing against the just struggle of the majority in that empire for over a decade.

    He, like Juwar/Baqqala, failed team, is one of the individuals who enabled the TPLF to create the situation Oromo and Ethiopia are in today!

    Above all Jawar, Baqqalee, and ODF group shall be held responsible for the killing & massacre of Oromo in thousand since 2018, for the hijack of Oromo struggle. Oromo should call spade a spade!

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