Prominent Oromo freedom advocate, Dr. Asaffaa Kuruu Jabanaa, dies

Prominent Oromo freedom advocate, Dr. Asaffaa Kuruu Jabanaa, dies

It is with profound sadness that we share the news of the passing of Dr. Asaffaa Kuruu Jabanaa, an Environmental Scientist, a strong advocate of freedom and proponent of peace for Oromia and the Oromo people. Dr. Asaffaa was born in rural western Oromiya in Horro Guduru province, Jimma Gannatii district to his father Kuruu Jabanaa Sibiluu and his mother Kibbituu Hundarraa Jibaat. He attended his primary and secondary schools at Shaambuu and Naqamtee. After high school, he joined the then Alemaya College of Agriculture under Haile Sillassie I University where he studied Plant Science. Upon graduation Dr. Asaffaa briefly worked for the government of
Ethiopia in the Agriculture Ministry. Soon he won multiple scholarships to pursue further education abroad and went first to France and then to Finland where he completed both his MS and PhD studies in Environmental Science. This period coincides with the political turmoil that engulfed Ethiopia following the fall of Haile Selassie regime and the emergence of Dergue as dominant political force. Then Dr. Asaffaa decided to stay in Europe and worked for the government of Finland as environmental scientist until his retirement. Dr. Asaffaa had productive career with very impactful research contribution not only to Finland and Europe but also to the rest of the world. His works have been published in various international journals and as book chapters and proceedings. Dr. Asaffaa is also a strong nationalist dedicated to the Oromo cause. He was active member of Oromo community where he lived and strongly associated with Oromo civic associations including the Oromo Study Association. Dr. Asaffaa was father of three adult children. Here is the script of the statement we received about his passing from one of his sons, Hundarraa Asaffaa Kuruu “It is with great sorrow and sadness that I inform of the passing of our beloved father Dr. Asaffaa Kuruu Jabanaa Sibiiluu. He returned to his Lord after Mghrib prayer on December 12, 2019. May God shower him with His endless mercy and make the highest of stations in paradise for his final and eternal abode.” May his soul rest in peace.

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