Putting Your Ego Aside and Getting the Job Done

Putting Your Ego Aside and Getting the Job Done

(Avoid Making the Same Mistake Twice)

By Worku Burayu (Ph.D), June 3, 2020

Ego AsideSummary: Let’s load our Gada package that consists of seeing things intelligently, listening seriously to the advice of our comrades, and following attentively our OLA’s direction and move accordingly. Let’s stop the attitude of believing that I am “always right” and that someone who doesn’t agree has no interactive dealing with me, while we have a common background and the same objective to be met. Oromia would have been in a better position today, if Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), other Oromo Political Organizations and the then prominent activist Jawar Mohammed had worked genuinely together. Now, we don’t need another “regret” or another “IF.” Because regret is a deep well of self-loathing and destructive. We need another hero, hero that tolerates, gathers, builds, connects and leads us united.

I am writing the present article because the Oromo atmosphere in diaspora is smelling the 2014 odor not the 2020 fresh fragrance odor. In 2014, when QEERROO BILISUMMAA OROMOO (QBO) movement was rekindling, activists and fundraisers were sprouting everywhere in Diaspora. Every activist became analyst, politician, economist, historian etc. Many pioneer politicians, historians, and liberation front leaders were disrespected. In many social medias and social physical meetings, the agenda were about fundraising, and helping this or that association or networks. Creating “go fund me” and collecting money were the daily routines. It was not only the competing time was intense but also diverting attention from the main objective, the objective we have in common was in serious problem. Some of the diaspora were just responding for the multiple agenda EPRDF was created for us, while QBO was working the significant jobs in the country. Unknowingly, many members and sympathizers of OLF were doing opposite to OLF objectives. In 2015, majority of the members of OLF in diaspora were busy in doing day and night for fundraising for activists more than they were organizing their people and supporting their organization. In short, they were more inclined to activists’ posts than their organization.

That odor is smelling again in diaspora right now in 2020. The attention diversion is already in the process and is ongoing. Many loudly spoke that they are pro WBO. Unknowingly, they do opposite in practice. The then Jawar’s ego and his inability to work with Oromo Political Organization is again manifested in our present time by some activists and intellectual’s incapability to work among themselves. Unless it is corrected timely, the more self-absorbed and the less selflessness will lead us to other internal crisis and failure. We should be open to others feedback and take it positively than egocentric and ignore the concern of others.

Despite the multiple obstacles and risks that stood in our way our struggle is getting and approaching to success. However, killing continuing through out Oromia at an alarming rate, partly due to our failure to deliver success, the success of QEERROO BILISUMMAA OROMOO correctly and wisely to its end. We, as activists, politicians, religion leaders, party leaders, artists and professionals are knowingly or unknowingly disappointed and failed our people, the Oromo people. Particularly, it is the ego, self-absorption and proclivity of many activists to OPDO and the self-infliction of the members of Oromo liberation organizations that contributed a lot to our failure.

It is part of our life to make mistakes. In fact, it’s through our mistakes and failures that we obtain the experiences and understanding that allow us to succeed. Some people have a hard time admitting it when they make a mistake. However, successful people, recognize when they’ve made an error. They learn from it, grow and then move on. They know that if they disregard a blunder, they can get caught in a negative set that will leave them defeated. That would be true failure. Although failure is an integral part of the journey to success, now the question is what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown from our year’s setbacks? Are we ready to compensate our society by accomplishing our homework and achieving sustainable success?

Conclusion: If we go up or down, we’ll go together, to achieve the better. If we interconnect, we will do superior. We are better off without individuals with “my way or the highway ego” or who think that they are the center of our collective struggle at all times. Let forget our personal issues and comply to the ultimate objective, the objective of self-determination to govern us. When one heading up and the other stay opposite south or going left or right, we will not achieve what we want. As successful struggle for freedom builds on failure, let’s take our failure as an opportunity to learn from, and use failure to achieve, to succeed and to lead. Let’s give Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), your army that fight for your freedom, an opportunity to lead us to our destiny and support to its end.

Dear reader: The time we are in, as fellow Oromian, is when we should enhance effective communication by focusing more on effective listening that requires an objective and open mind attitude without fixed opinions. As many of us write now, I wanted to have time to read from and listen to others, to reduce repetitiveness in writing.

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Horaa Bulaa!

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