QARREE AND QEERROO:  Warriors of The Oromo Nation!

QARREE AND QEERROO:  Warriors of The Oromo Nation!

Herald your victory song by saying
“Mo’ichaan Galaa! Hinjifanoon Galaa!”

By Lolltuu, August 3, 2020

The forefathers of the Oromo people were distinguished warriors, who possessed spirits of the highest order. The reason as to why the Oromo Nation was able to maintain its independence, self rule, identity, culture and heritage over many centuries was due to its unwavering bravery, courage, warrior skills and spirit, unity and the resolution to better die than be enslaved.

Every male child of the Oromo Nation was a fighter, a warrior. He was endowed with this temperament right from childhood. The Oromo Nation never conscripted  warriors into its military. It was an inborn obligation, a national duty to  be a fighter. Every man was a soldier, and ready  to fight for the genuine cause of the Oromo Nation. If you were an Oromo citizen, then it was your duty, your responsibility to defend Oromia.

Thus,  right from the childhood, every Oromo man and for that matter the entire Oromo Nation was a gallant warrior that defended its territory.

After smashing and pulverizing the enemy in a battlefield,  the Oromo war leaders commandeered  the Oromo fighters to hold their spears still by saying loudly:

Galaa! Galaa! Galaa!”, which is translated as “The enemy is defeated! Go back to the camp ! Go back! Go  back to the encampment!”

This word that heralded that the enemy has suffered a blow, remained in the memory of the defeated enemy,  even with its descendants up to the present time. The word has been corrupted to fit into the  desires of the losers and concocted to be used as a derogatory term for the Oromo people, who call themselves as the Oromoo Nation.


Therefore, it is NOW or NEVER for you QARREE  and QEERROO warriors to smash the enemy, just like  your forefathers did, and call on  the resolute and brave Oromo fighters  to repatriate the enemy to wherever it came from, while singing: “Galii biyaa keeti! Deebi’ii bikaa iraa dhuftet!”

You are the WARRIORS of the Oromo Nation! Just like your Forefathers!!

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