Qeerroo (the Oromo people) won the battle but not the war yet!

Qeerroo (the Oromo people) won the battle but not the war yet!


By Abbaa Ormaa, February 16, 2018

The Qeerroo generation: The greatest Oromo generation!

Don’t relent. TPLF like a snake sheds its skin living for a while in another one, only to come back and bite again.

The Camel’s back is broken but not finished. Be aware of the difficult struggle that lies ahead and prepare yourself.  TPLF’s internal colonialism, reminiscent (symbols, monuments, land marks, etc.- reminders of the dark times must go) of past colonialism for that matter, must be uprooted from Oromia and defeated for good! Nothing should change this self-evidence truth.   

The Oromo National struggle is not to become prime minster, defense minister, or head of security apparatus.  It is to dismantle that and free Oromia and the Oromo people. The period of rationing for the Oromo people died on February 13, 2018!

If you are doing business with this regime, it is time to cut your loss and run! The game is over! TPLF has run out of cards.

The Qeerroo generation is the greatest Oromo generation and will be remembered as such! They will be the subject of studies for political science, social science, and grassroots organizations, and subject of many books to come.

If there is any doubt that Qeerroo won the battle between good and evil look no further than the seen at Kality yesterday (February 14, 2018) and the Ethiopian TV screen today (February 15, 2018).  The Oromo people have shown that there is no match to a united Oromo.

Who would have thought H/Mariam Desalegn who refused to even acknowledge that Oromo lives also matter in Ethiopia just like former occupants of his office to be chased out of Arat killo by Qeerroo Oromo? He will be remembered for his incompetent and lies even as he departs. He appeared on TV and sounded like someone who just lost his manhood. He has been a disaster and embarrassment to his own people.

This is the beginning of the end for the TPLF regime.  Clearly the Qeerroo (Oromo people) won the battle. But the war will go on for some time. TPLF Agazi is still in Oromia; The Security is still a monopoly of TPLF; Tens of thousands of Oromo political prisoners are still in TPLF/OPDO torture chambers; Those responsible for the killings of hundreds of Oromos and displacing more than a million Oromo are still at large including Abdi Mohammed and TPLF generals; Those responsible for the Chelenko massacre, Hamaressa massacre, and Ireechaa massacre are all at large; TPLF still salivating of Tigray special zone in Finfinnee.

In the true tradition of Gadaa, you took a stand that no one should be incarcerated for standing up for his/her right.  As disappointing as it is to watch the people (on ESAT and other Medias) not to at least acknowledge the sacrifices Oromo Qeerroo paid you paid so that they too can be free instead of trying to create something that is not there.

You are a force to be reckon with and because of what you are able to accomplish, Oromia will once again be a place where Oromo children can grow up to be a man, a woman, a father, a mother, and elders live to see their grand kids.

As we celebrate what has been an amazing time for the Oromo national struggle, we must stop and think the Martyred that are lost to the Agazi along the way in every corner of Oromia. I only wish ESAT, fake news enterprise, finds the courage to honor these heroes and heroines and speak truth than half baked truth. ESAT has been trying hard to sell Qeerroo as OPDO’s extension. For example one of the reporters on ESAT tried to twist the appearance of Dr. Abiyu Ahmad on TV as a code to Qeerroo to go home since Obbo Bekel Gerba and OFC leaders are released. The strike did not stop and even continued into fourth day. The irony is they condemn the TPLF/EPRDF regime for doing what they are doing. They just cannot bring themselves to terms with the fact that the Oromo people are charting their own future.

The same can be said about OMN whose primary mission is to worship individual to satisfy his ego than to report facts.  How much coverage about oneself is too much?

I hope OMN goes back to journalism and report on what is happening on the ground.

Watching OMN is like watching North Korea’s TV where everything is about leader Kim Jong-un (Jawar Mohammed).

As the saying goes “Dhugaan hin qelatii malee hin baduuu”.

Free translation, you can run with a lie but cannot hide from truth. It will catch you!!

The Elephant in the room is the Oromo Liberation Front!

Oromia shall be free soon!

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