Qeerroo the Spirit of Oromo Freedom

Qeerroo the Spirit of Oromo Freedom

By: Najat Hamza, February 13, 2018

Qeerroo, you are a force, a wind of change and hope of tomorrow. You have shown what resilience in the face of brutal violence and eminent death looks like. You have shown resolve with unshakable foundation. You have taught the world what a determined generation can achieve with nothing more than words and ideas. Most importantly you have demonstrated the innate, raw and the core of human person’s desire to be free at any cost. You will succeed. There is no doubt in my mind.

I have grown up with stagnant political discussions and actions around our issues and our country. You have brought it the action to the people and on the ground. You have delivered time and again. Your struggle will free not only Oromia and Oromo people but even those who doubted our value as people as well as those suffering similar fate. You are determination. You are resilience. You are the generation of action. You are what many sacrificed to birth. And you did not disappoint. You are here. And it is time.

In the mist of unprecedented violence, cruelty, incarceration, torture, displacement and death, I see you lighting the torch of freedom from corner to corner. Yes, it is hard to witness the massacre and the inhumane treatment of our people and our land but I am also hopeful that the sun will shine for us again. And soon. I am proud of you as my people and as my country. We might not be there with you physically. We might not share the nightmares on the ground directly. We might not fully understand what it feels like to be hunted daily. We might not understand the pain of burying a loved one, a spouse, a friend or parents.

However, We are with you in every tear drop. We are with you with every heartbreak. We are with you in moments of darkness and despair. We are also with you in your moments of triumph, of joy and of small victories . And we will be with you in your final victory to lead our nation from darkness to light. We are all with you because we are one in aspirational for freedom. We are one in flesh, blood and bones. We are Oromos. We are the carefully woven tapestry of justice, peace, harmony, freedom and equality. The children of Gadaa.

Qeerroo the spirit of Oromo Freedom!

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