Questions and Answers with Jaal Odaa Tarbii, OLF-OLA Speaker

Gaaffii fi Deebbii Dubbataa ABO-WBO Jaal Odaa Tarbii Waliin Gaggeeffame

Waggaa lamaan booda guyyaa kaleessaa ilmaan Oromoo mana hidhaa irraa hiikaman. | ODUU KEELLOO (Hagayya 24, 2021)

ዕለታዊ መረጃ | ኬሎ ሚዲያ (AUGUST 24, 2021)

Leenjiin loltummaa dirqamaan dargaggootaaf laatamuun himame

Keelloo: Hagayya 24,2021

Mootummaan Itoophiyaa erga lolli kaabaa daran jabaatee as mootummaan sagantaa garaagaraa baasee hojii irra oolchuu itti fufe.

Lola yeroo dheeraaf deemaa jiruun TPLF naannoo Tigraay keessaa humnoota waraanaa mootummaa baasuun isaa nii yaadatama. Lola kana hanga ammaa daran bal’isee kan jiru TPLF ammallee lola gaggeessuu akka itti fufee jiru beeksiseera.

TPLF halduree dhukaasa dhaabuu lafa kahate qaba. Haldureen sun hanga guutamutti lola sana akka addaan hin kutne ibsaa jira. Mootummaan Itoophiyaas gama isaan dhukaasa dhaabuu gam-tokkee labsee kan ture guutummaan waraanatti deebi’uu hima.

Haalli lolaa kun erga babal’achuu itti fufeen booda TPLF daranuu naannoo isaan alatti waraana banuun naannoo Amaaraa fi naannoo Affaar keessatti lola jajjaba gaggeessaa jira.

Naannoo Amaaraa keessaas lafoota hedduu dhuunfachuu isaa gabaafama. Akkasuma naannoo Affaar keessattis haleellaa guddaa akka gaggeessaa jiru eerama.

Lola kana hanga Mootummaan Itoophiyaa waan isaan gaafatan fudhatee gama nagaa buusuutti fuulleffatutti cimanii kan itti fufan ta’uu gabaasu.

Torbanoota darban kana ammoo humna tiphe lolaa qabsoo bilisummaa gaggeessaa jiru, humna WBO Oromiyaa keessa socho’u waliin TPLF hariiroo uumuu isaa gabaafama..

Erga WBO fi TPLF hariiroo waraanaa walii mallatteessuun dhagaa’amee as qeeqi adda addaaf ajandaaleen hedduun facaa’aa jiran. Qaamoleen mootummaa akka WBO’n keessoo isaatti wal dhabdee qabu kaasanii haasa’u.

WBO’n ammoo gama isaan lola guddaa gaggeessaa jiraachuu, lafoota hedduus dhuunfataa akka jiru gabaasaa jira.
Haala kana qolachuuf ta’uu kan hin oolle mootummaan uummata walitti qabee leenjii loltummaa kennaa akka jiru suuraan deggaree gabaasaa jira.

Leenjiin maanguddota illee of keessatti hammatee laatamaa jiru kun, fuula miidiyaa hawaasaa irratti mataa qoosaa ta’ee haasa’amaa jira.


Waraana Itophiya


  1. Re-posted from another page on Ayyaantuu

    Aba Solan, Yoni, & Kibret,
    I am sure you guys have listened to the interview of Jaal Marroo Dirribaa and Jaal Gamachuu Abbooyyee on ONM Radio already. I am really encouraged by what I heard, AND I am more hopeful than ever before about the birth of an independent and sovereign Oromo republic, no matter how long or how bitter our struggle may be. I really think we have two exceptionally strong leaders in these two OLA fighters!

    By the way, there was also a moment where I felt like someone punched me in the gut, when they said “the Oromo Liberation Army IS not a Party to or a part of the so called “Oromia National Transitional Government!” I regret innocently jumping on board and supporting such a scheme…What is past is past, but in the future, if we want to directly support the OLA, I guess the following website is where we should go…May be Najat can put out a press release pointing us to the correct way we can go about supporting our OLA fighters…Some of us do not live close to any Oromo community physically at all…

    In the meantime, here is the website I believe we can use to contribute financially to support our freedom fighters. I hope I am right this time!

    Looking forward to reading your take on the interview and everything else…

  2. Re-posted item


    “I hope I am right this time!” That sentence sums up my experience as well. I am left with a dejected feeling that some, such as you & myself, may have unwittingly accepted this idea called MCBNO under our own assumption, or by naively believing a lie put forth as fact, that OLA is the FOUNDATION of it… Alas, our OLA leaders have now clearly said they are not a part of it at all! I have just one question for those in the know who misled a lot of us out here by claiming that the OLA was a part of this bogus entity: were you planning to offer Roses to the armed descendants of Nefxagna settlers when they came after our people; because you were creating an entity NOT UP TO THE TASK OF FREEING THE OROMO PEOPLE, but portrays the illusion of Sovereignty? Don’t worry, I am not expecting an answer!

  3. I have been walking around with a little ‘spring in my steps’ since I heard this short interview segment with Jaal Odaa Tarbii on Oromo National Media!

    Yes, what a wonderful intellect and a ferocious voice to speak on behalf of the OLA! I believe He will be an effective spokesperson in defending the National Interests of the Oromo people! I look forward to hearing him speak again in the immediate future!

    Onward to an independent & SOVEREIGN Oromo republic!
    Let’s stand with our Oromo Liberation Army!

  4. Ya Oromo,

    Overjoyed, proud, AND relieved! WE HAVE A SPOKESPERSON OF THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE CALIBER in this young man!

    Let us stand with our Oromo Liberation Army sons and daughters!

    Forward to an Independent and Sovereign Oromo Republic!


    Waqaa Gerracha Oromo Waliin!

  5. Irkoo & Aba Solan,

    Yes, indeed, I heard both sets of interviews! I believe Jaal Marroo and Jaal Gammachuu are two solid leaders! In my opinion, these two are not the types of ‘leaders’ who are GOING to GIVE UP when the ‘going gets tough’! Above all else, they will not ‘sell us down the river’ like so many of our past wobbly heads of the old OLF. Jaal Odaa is articulate, quick on his feet, and precise with his language! I LOVED his short interview AND I am thrilled at where we, as a people, have arrived, AND at where we are going honestly!

    An Independent and Sovereign Oromo Republic is CALLING! Let us stand with OUR OLA to bring about its birth!

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