Rally at Alberta legislature to protest Ethiopian govt after singer killed

Rally at Alberta legislature to protest Ethiopian government after singer killed

By Morgan Black, Global News

Posted July 10, 2020

Protestors at the Alberta Legislature rally. Julien Fournier/Global News

Members of Edmonton’s Ethiopian community gathered at the Alberta Legislature on Friday.

The group called on the Canadian government to denounce the Ethiopian government and take action when it comes to growing unrest in the country.

Authorities say at least 239 people have been killed in protests in Ethiopia following the assassination of the popular singer Haacaaluu Hundeessaa on Monday night. The protests spread from Addis Ababa to the surrounding Oromia region.

The musician had been a rallying voice in anti-government protests that led to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed taking power in 2018.

Protest Ethiopian government

“The Ethiopian government is killing our people. It is a brutal government that is killing our innocent people, from children to seniors,” said organizer Dereje Berenda.

Ethiopia’s attorney general says two people have been arrested in relation to the killing of the musician that sparked the unrest and a third is on the run.

The official said the two confessed, claiming they had been instructed by rebel group the Oromo Liberation Army with the goal of inciting anti-government emotions and causing tensions between the Oromos and Amharas.

“There is a problem in Oromia. We are protesting these inhumane actions,” said Berenda.

“The Ethiopian government is deceiving the international community, including our Canadian government. There is no genuine democracy. There is no peace and no justice in that country.”

The military was deployed and the Oromia regional police commissioner says nearly 5,000 people have been arrested.

Berenda said the Ethiopian population in Edmonton includes more than 3,000 people.

“But, because of COVID-19 we had limited participants here,” said Berenda. “It is a young, emerging community in Edmonton.”

The group marched through the downtown area, finishing at Queen Mary Park.

– With files from the Associated Press

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