Ramadamuu Najaat Hamzaa, dubbi-himaa Idil-Addunyaa WBO

Ibsa Gabaabaa (Hagayya 20, 2021): ramadamuu Najaat Hamzaa, dubbi-himaa Idil-Addunyaa WBO

Najaat Hamzaa, dubbi-himaa Idil-Addunyaa WBOtiif bakka-buutuu quunnamtii uummataa
ta’uun ramadamuu sirnaan isin beeksisuu feena. Najaat Hamzaa qabsoo Oromoo keessatti
falmituu murannoo fi cichoominaan beekamtu. Ishii dabalachuu keenyatti guddoo boonna.

Odaa Tarbii
Dubbii-himaa Idil-Addunyaa WBO
Hagayya 20, 2021


  1. Re-posted from Kichuu

    Dear Najat,
    You are called upon to be our official voice and face internationally. While this call is an honor, it also entails a huge responsibility. As a father who has raised a proud Oromo daughter, free of a baggage called ‘Ethiopiawinet,’ your appointment to become the International Spokesperson for our people’s just struggle, fills me with pride and hope. It tells me that the sacrifices of our heroes and sages have not been in vain. Congratulations Najat! I have NO doubt you will represent the Oromo Liberation Army AND the aspirations of the Oromo people in our struggle for freedom and national sovereignty with unflappable determination and distinction!

    G*D Speed!

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