Rebel spirit: Oromo harvest festival

Rebel spirit: Oromo harvest festival

Oromo spirit
ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA – OCTOBER 5: Thousands of Oromo people attend the “Irreecha” festival also known as Oromo Thanksgiving at Addis Ababa’s Bishoftu town in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on October 5, 2019.
(Photo by Minasse Wondimu Hailu/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

October 2, 2020 (The Economist) — Ethiopia’s largest and lately most-rebellious ethnic group, the Oromo, celebrates its annual thanksgiving this weekend. Tensions are high: recent festivals have been marred by protests and violence. In 2016, a stampede triggered by heavy-handed policing of demonstrations left possibly hundreds dead. The tragedy was a turning-point in the protest movement which in 2018 brought to power Abiy Ahmed, a young reformer from Oromia who promised redress for what Oromos claim is centuries of political and economic marginalisation. But as prime minister Abiy has lately fallen out of favour with many Oromos, who claim he has turned his back on their cause and reverted to the authoritarianism of his predecessors. Several influential Oromo opposition leaders are behind bars, accused of inciting violence: riots in Oromia in July resulted in at least 166 deaths. This year’s festivities will be tightly controlled and attendance limited. For many Ethiopians, a calm and orderly weekend will be reason enough to celebrate.


  1. Woyane is hunting down farm tractors in Ethiopia. Woyane is determined to create an anarchy in Addis Ababa by creating shortage of food, inorder to achieve shortage of food in Addis Ababa Woyane is buying all the farm tractors they can find and hiding the farm tractors in warehouses.

    TPLF is buying brand new farm tractors and putting them out of work by storiing them in warehouses just to create price hikes in farm tractors prices within Ethiopia hoping
    within the next two years the prices of farm tractors will be unaffordable ,in turn resulting in price hikes of food commodities within Addis Ababa.

    Many tractor importers especially the famous brand name ‘John Deere’ tractors are in high demands now in Ethiopia with the sole importer of John Deere farm tractors receiving orders from TPLF and complying not to sell brand new farm tractors to nooneelse except to TPLF .

  2. The Ambassador of USA to Ethiopia, Ambassador Mike Raynor recently toured the new farm machineries factory assembly facility which produces John Deere farm tractors in Shashamane , Oromia. ….

    This facility is supposed to be a joint venture owned by the John Deere’s Ethiopia partner and all the residents of the City of Shashemene to assemble and deliver John Deere tractors to Ethiopian farmers allover Ethiopia. ..

    The facility expects to produce over 800 tractors this year. It is noted the residents of Shashamane by providing resources to the John Deere’s partner in Ethiopia aim to build the capacity of the facility and ultimately export to the East African market. This project was initiated at the request of Deere & Company in 2018, as a result of John Deere’s drive to more efficiently support the need for small agriculture production equipment in the country. John Deere & Company is one of the best known American manufacturers of mechanized farming equipment. The company was founded in 1837, based in Illinois, USA and supplies farming, and forestry equipment globally.
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