Reform and redeploy Liyu Police under normal police

Liyu Police

Reform and redeploy Liyu Police under normal police

The name “Liyu Police” is an emotive subjective in Somali region of Ethiopia and the inhabitants in that region know well the savage nature of this terror group and their former brutal, sadistic father, Abdi Iley. Nobody wants to exonerate those rapists and murders among the Liyu Police leadership. The wounds of their victims are still bleeding; the hearts they broke received no comfort nor apology; the tears of the mothers and fathers whose loved ones disappeared forever in their hands still remains wet, with no comforting hand to wipe it dry.
What can the government do with the Liyu Police?
To pacify the region, the Liyu Police should be allowed to resume their routine duties with strict oversight by educated and responsible leadership to monitor their activities to ensure accountability and respect of the rights of already traumatized civilian populations. Similarly, the Liyu police are not zombies from another planet. They were used to hurt their people; they too can be used to heal their people and bring peace. Much of the Liyu police and other government security apparatus should focus on intelligence gathering and relying on community policing to detect and prevent crimes. Such smart intelligence will focus resources in places where it’s most needed rather deploying security at every corner to intimidate the public.
Let the people in Somali region enjoy the new freedom without having to look over their shoulders for eavesdropping spies, and let the Liyu Police with a new name , like a newborn baby, enjoy doing what they know best….keeping the peace in a more fairer, just Somali region where no one is above the law.
The government MUST discard the “Liyu Police” and realign them to normal community policing. A name that invokes a sense of trust; a sense of security and respect for the rule of law.
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Liyu Police

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