Remembering Hacaalu Hundessaa

Remembering Hacaalu Hundessaa

Released by Oromo Scholars and Professionals Group

About a year ago, a beloved artist, singer, songwriter, father, and human rights activist, Haacaalu Hundessaa was murdered in Ethiopia’s capital, Finfinne.  Haacaluu was deeply and universally loved by Oromos and other peace-loving people of Ethiopia. He was a courageous and relentless defender of human rights.  His music was an exemplary expression of Oromo nationalism, and his larger than life works, use of the Oromo language, and poetry were piercing.  His fearless attitude and determination inspired many, and his immense influence on his generation will shine forever.  Indeed, his name has entered the history books as that of many Oromo giants that came before him and sacrificed their lives leaving enduring legacy.

The system that orchestrated Haacaaluu’s murder has claimed thousands of innocent lives just over the last few years.  Torture, rape, wanton killings, imprisonment of the underage, etc. have become daily events in Ethiopia.  This is a reminder of the difficult work ahead of us. We would like to reiterate our statement from a year ago that Haacaalu’s life will not be lost in vain; his art and passion for freedom will remain with us for generations to come, as a moving reminder of the cause he and his likes have died for.  The Oromo Scholars and Professionals Group will work to keep Haacaaluu’s legacy alive and pass it to the next generation.

Oromo Scholars and Professionals Group.

July 29, 2021

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