Resolution of the 4th GHO/OIS Conference

Resolution of the 4th GHO/OIS Conference

GurmuuWe, participants of the virtual conference organized by Gurmuu Hayyoota Oromoo / Oromo Intellectuals Society (GHO/OIS) under the title „Current Turmoil and Future Prospects for Oromia“ and conducted on April 10, 2021, after thorough deliberation on past and present political turmoil in Ethiopia and what they portend for the future of the Oromo people in particular and for people in Ethiopia in general, have passed the following resolution.

  1. Ethiopia is a colonial empire established through the conquest and subjugation of the once independent nations and nationalities neighbouring Abyssinia by Habesha kings during the Scramble for Africa at the turn of the 20th century. Although 3 successive Ethiopian repressive regimes could be toppled through incessant liberation struggles waged by the Oromo and other colonized nations and nationalities, the Habesha ruling class and their stooges could repeatedly usurp power to form dictatorships more repressive and brutal than the preceding ones, and kept the colonial legacy of Ethiopia up to the present.
  2. The empire instituted political, economic and cultural ascendancy of the Habesha and tried to eradicate the history, identities, languages and cultures of the subjugated nations through forced assimilation into the Amhara culture. The present clique wielding state power in Ethiopia is also reverting to this assimilationist policy. It is presenting stories of co-opted persons and quislings during the conquest of the South as if the conquered nations also freely participated in the formation of the Ethiopian empire. The fact that the current regime is attempting to incorporate such falsified history into school curricula, is one proof that the clique is striving to reinstate past Amhara hegemony. The subjugated nations should reject such a colonialist history and historiography.
  3. Members of the current ruling party in Ethiopia are individuals once hand-picked by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to serve it as repressive tools in its 27 year long atrocious kleptocratic rule over all peoples in the empire. After the demise of TPLF’s authoritarian rule through popular uprising spearheaded by the Oromo Qeerroo and Qarree, leftovers of the EPRDF (rebranded as the Prosperity Party – PP) joined hands with remnants of the communist military Derg, the EPRP and extremist Amhara nationalists and illegally usurped state power. This clique is currently ruling by anarchy, and is waging war against the peoples of Oromia, Tigray, Benishangul-Gumuz and other regional states, committing mass killings, incarcerations, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
  4. The current ruling party, the PP, has put parts of Oromia under an undeclared state of emergency at the end of 2018 and been conducting open and secret wars of attrition against the Oromo people since then. As is well known, on November 4, 2020, the regime declared war against the TPLF and commanded the state’s army, the Amhara special police & militia and the Defence Forces of the State of Eritrea to invade Tigray. These invading forces have committed and continue to commit atrocities, wanton destruction of property & public institutions, war crimes and crimes against humanity that shocked the world community. Currently, Abiy Ahmed’s regime is expanding same state terror into Oromia and Benishangul-Gumuz regions. We condemn these senseless wars, abhorrent crimes and state terrorism in all strongest terms.
  5. As a prelude to conduct open war in Oromia, the Amhara state’s special police and militia invaded the Oromo enclave of Wallo in the Amhara regional state from March 19-21, 2021. These forces killed or wounded several hundred innocent Oromo farmers and other non-Amhara and non-Christian residents. The invaders burned several villages to the ground and forced more than 80,000 people to flee their homes. During the frenzy of this war, on March 21, two clearly marked ambulance vehicles carrying severely wounded people to a hospital in Shewa-Robit town were stopped at the gate of the hospital by a band of Amhara militia. The militia dragged the passengers out of the vehicles and bestially battered and hacked ten patients and accompanying persons to death.

Such a sickening crime is the result of the unbridled hate and false propaganda being disseminated by the state’s mass media and those private media belonging to extremist Amhara nationalists now monopolizing the media landscape. They are incessantly spewing incendiary hate speeches and false, abjectly racist and abusive propaganda against non-Amhara nations and nationalities in the country in general and against the Oromo nation in particular, and must be stopped immediately.

  1. The parliament, which alleged mass murder of Oromos as “genocide against the Amhara” and wailed in public, did not utter a word as the Oromos in Wallo were being massacred for days in front of their eyes. Instead, a moving plea by two parliamentarians beseeching the federal government and the parliament to intervene was publicly rebuked by PM Abiy himself as a defamation of the Amhara militia. The PM then went on to state that the Amhara militia are defending the territorial integrity of the country, and he can deploy them where ever he wishes to. In doing so, he:
  2. a) showed his contempt for the rubber-stamp parliament, for the rules and the constitution of the country, and above all his utter indifference to the loss of Oromo lives, and publicly declared that he is a dictator;
  3. b) declared himself as the leader of Amhara extremists and the anti-federalism forces only. He plays the role of Slobodan Milosevic, who in an attempt to install the hegemony of the Serbs over all states of former Yugoslavia precipitated civil war and the ultimate disintegration of the country. The Amhara extremists and the anti-federalism forces being led by Abiy have declared that their aim is to dismantle the current multi-ethnic federalism and re-institutionalize past Amhara hegemony that would ensure uncontested dominance of the Amhara elite and their quislings in all the political, economic and cultural spheres of the country.
  4. Abiy Ahmed has deployed the state’s army, the Amhara special police force and militia and mercenaries from Eritrea and elsewhere to conduct multi-faceted war against the Oromo and other non-Amhara nations and nationalities to install dictatorship and Minilikan Amhara hegemony. We condemn his belligerent wars and call upon the international community and all peace-loving bodies to pressure Abiy’s regime to halt its destructive wars against the peoples of Ethiopia.
  5. The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) aka WBO, fighting for the right of the Oromo people to exercise national self-determination, is forced to continue the armed struggle after all option for peaceful resolution of the Oromo Quest for freedom and equality has been exhausted. GHO strongly believes that WBO/OLA is a very disciplined army with a set mission of liberating Oromos and Oromia from a yoke of colonial subjugation, and has no aim to harm civilians under any circumstances.  But the ruling elite led by Abiy Ahmed is showering false propaganda against OLA, labelling it as „OLF Shanee“, only to justify the multi-faceted war the regime is conducting against the Oromo people. Currently, leaders, members and supporters of the OLF and OFC are being incarcerated en masse and indiscriminately, and the lives of ordinary Oromos is being made unbearable due to the regime‘s boundless repression. It is the duty of all Oromo nationals to support OLA’s sacred mission, whose members are paying the ultimate price in fighting against the regime‘s forces of tyranny. We, therefore, call upon Oromos of all walks of life to rally behind OLA to dismantle the forces of evil that have yoked our nation for so long.
  6. Whereas the current regime led by Abiy Ahmed and commanded by Amhara extremist nationalists and affiliated anti-federalist forces has disregarded the Constitution and Laws of the country and is ruling by anarchy; whereas this clique is waging open and secret wars against nations and nationalities in the country to dismantle the current multi-ethnic federation and replace it with a dictatorship under Amhara political, economic and cultural hegemony of the old, it is imperative to declare that Ethiopia has ceased to exist as a state. What is currently going on is a brutal war to physically and culturally annihilate peoples opposed to Amhara ascendancy. The only option left for the Oromo and other subjugated nation and nationalities is thus to rise up against these forces of tyranny.

We, therefore, call upon our compatriots of all walks of life to stand up in unison to quell the existential threat posed against our Oromo nation. We call upon all children of Oromia, irrespective of region and religion or ideological outlook, to quickly respond to the call of our distressed nation and to rally behind our gallant freedom fighters (OLA) with all our resources.


Victory to the Oromo People!

April 10, 2021




  1. Beeksisa, Beeksisa ammas beeksisa! Turi amma bilisoomtaa rafaa! Rafii abjoodhu. Hirribni abjuu bilisummaa wajiin ni mi’ayaa mitii? Warra Saba Oromoo salphise, afaaniif garaa male yaada hinqabdaniim. Kan gaddisiisu ijoollee bosonatti gargaarsaaf gorsa male makaraartu. Sodaattuu and lazy cannot reach anywhere.

    • Dhibba beeksisa baasanus, kan akka keetiif hin galu. Warra sammuun osoo hin taane garaan yaadaniif okaa itti haamuu qofa barbaachisa!

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